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ViewFind Unveils Funding for New Visual Stories on Race and Ethnic Identity


ViewFind, a new social platform for visual stories, announced their inaugural Visual Storytelling Grants today, offering $5,000 to three photojournalists to explore the themes of racial, ethnic and cultural identity around the world.

The ViewFind editorial team selected the theme of race and ethnic identity because they saw a need for more visual voices on some of the most pivotal issues facing the world today, including the protests against police violence in Ferguson, Missouri and the ongoing migration crisis across the Mediterranean.

“We chose the theme of race because, well… how could we not?” said ViewFind Editorial Director Thea Breite, who helped establish the grants. “We have an opportunity and a responsibility to fund work that adds to important dialogue about these issues.”

The grants will be awarded to photojournalists who submit their work for consideration via the ViewFind platform. Judges for the grants include Magnum photographer Eli Reed, Alexia Foundation picture editor Mike Davis, Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project associate director Yukiko Yamagata, and Poynter Institute senior faculty member Kenny Irby.

Photojournalists are invited to submit from today through October 9. Judges will determine the recipients and award the three grants by November 23. To apply for the grant, visit viewfind.com/grant.

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MediaStorm: A 10-Year Retrospective at Photoville

MediaStorm celebrates 10 years as an independent media company that gives voice and meaning to the most important stories of our time.

This year at Photoville, we’ll be showing a short reel of highlights from a decade of work as well as a teaser from our newest film currently in production, Fight Hate with Love. A panel will follow, featuring a discussion with our producers and the insights we’ve gained from ten years of digital storytelling.

Please join us at the Photoville Pavillion on September 12th from 5:30 – 6:30PM.

For more information please visit the Photoville website.

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Worth Watching #172: FREEFLY ALTA / NOSTALGIA

“Cutting edge drone work with a pre-production model of Freefly’s latest drone, the ALTA and a RED Epic Dragon Monochrome. Collaborative filmmaking by Michael Marantz, Drew English and Tim Sessler” - Brian Storm

FREEFLY ALTA / NOSTALGIA from Brooklyn Aerials

See what else we think is Worth Watching.

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Eight Things I (Re)Learned Editing Travel Anonymous

Sometimes having no limitations is the hardest obstruction.


To paraphrase the late novelist E.L. Doctorow., “[Making a movie] is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights but you can make the whole trip that way.”


In other words, the only way out is through.


It’s hard to be spontaneous if you’re clinging to the some vague notion that what you’re doing is wrong. If you let yourself fail extravagantly, you might succeed beyond expectation.


“The first draft of anything is shit.” – Ernest Hemingway


The unconscious mind loves to work out problems. You may feel doubt and uncertainty but your brain is busy untying knots.


Write down insights and ideas immediately. You’ll forget them otherwise. Seriously, you will.

The simple answer comes last, after you’ve worked your way through all the rest. It’s like sculpting: you only see the shape once you’ve removed the excess.

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Winners of IAFOR Documentary Photography Award Announced

As a proud sponsor of the IAFOR Documentary Photography Award we are pleased to present this year’s winners: Hosam Katan (Grand Prize), Yasmin Balai (2nd Place), and Romain Champalaune (3rd Place).  The IAFOR Documentary Photography Award is a new international photography award which seeks to promote and assist in the professional development of emerging documentary photographers and photojournalists. The Award is supported by The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) – Asia’s Think Tank – and builds off of the strength of the IAFOR Documentary Film Award, now in its fourth year.

The theme for 2015 is “Power.” Photography can have the power to manipulate memories, encourage thought and stimulate emotion, it also has the power to do these things across languages and cultures. The skilled photographer must hold power over their camera and manipulate the power dynamic between photographer and subject. Pointing a camera at someone can be seen as an act of power in itself. This year’s winners explore “Power” from a variety of perspectives.

Grand Prize: “Syria” by Hosam Katan

“My name is Hosam Katan and I am a 21 year old photographer from Syria. I was a student before the civil war in Syria. When the war began in my area I left my school and started take photos for the Aleppo Media Center and documenting events and filming battles. After one year of photographing the conflict in my country, I started working for Reuters. The images in this portfolio document the struggles that people are facing in their daily lives in Syria.”

View more at iaforphotoaward.org.

Second Place: “Silver Linings” by Yasmin Balai

“Silver Linings is a project that follows a group of altogether around 60 people that inhabit Bucharest’s underground central heating systems next to the main train station ‘Gara de Nord’. Together, they have built something resembling a home, creating a community beyond society. Almost everyone living in the tunnels, built during communism times, is addicted to ‘Pure by Magic’ a synthetic stimulant drug, injected several times a day.”

View more at iaforphotoaward.org.

Third Place: “Samsung Galaxy” by Romain Champalaune

“After the Korean war (1950-53), South Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world. Yet, less than thirty years later, it became the world’s 15th largest economy. This success can be partly explained by chaebols, huge conglomerates supported by dictator Park Chung-Hee between 1962 and 1979. Established in 1938 by M. Lee Byung-Chul in the city of Daegu, Samsung (which means “Three Stars”) is the largest of those chaebols, and the largest group in South Korea. It represents, directly or indirectly, one-fifth of the GDP. With its growth from a small import-export shop to the flagship of the nation, Samsung embodies Korean economic success.”

View more at iaforphotoaward.org.

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