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Job Opportunities with Visual News Platform, ViewFind

ViewFind, the home for visual stories and the photojournalists who tell them, is looking to fill two positions: Caption Writer and Social Media Manager. The company is based in San Francisco, CA. Interested candidates contact Co-founder Zheng Huang at Zhuang@viewfind.com.
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MediaStorm Guide to Organizing Camera Phone Pictures with Hazel

If you’re like me, you probably take lots of pictures with your phone. Organizing thousands of images can feel overwhelming.

Apple has tried to makes this a seamless process with the introduction of iCloud and the new Photos app. As convenient as it is to automatically upload all your images to the cloud, Apple’s service has one glaring omission. You can not delete individual pictures. It’s an all or nothing solution.

So I’ve created my own workflow.

With my phone connected to my Mac, I use Apple’s built-in utility Image Capture to download all pictures to a specified folder. I make sure to delete the images from the phone as I download, ensuring that I don’t end up with duplicates.

Next, I use Noodlesoft’s Hazel ($29) to automate organization.

Hazel is a system utility that applies specified rules to a given folder. In this case, after I’ve downloaded my images to my pictures folder, I use two Hazel rules.

The first, automatically moves any downloaded camera movies to my movie folder.

The second, automatically sorts JPG images with less than a 4000 pixel height in to a subfolder based on the month in which it was taken.

So my images are automatically organized like so:

At the end of each month, I send myself an automated reminder to copy the last month’s folder to Dropbox, where I keep my backup. To date, I’ve used about 12 GB. For $100 a year, I receive 1TB. Remember, these are camera photos, not RAW pictures.

To view my archive from my phone, I use Dropbox’s wonderful free app Carousel, which alleviates the need to store all of my images locally, thus freeing up space.

Of course, there are lots of other great photo services available. Here’s a recent roundup from The Verge.

I’d love to hear your strategies in the comments below.

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New Era of Motion Graphics at MediaStorm – Guardians of the Forest & 2015 Reel

MediaStorm’s motion graphics department, helmed by Joe Fuller, has kept busy since our 2013 reel. From saving the forest, looking back at USAID’s food for peace program, celebrating world-renown photographers to illuminating a teen’s descent into prostitution; we’ve used a wide array of techniques to make complex stories accessible and appealing.

Today, we are proud to present a film made in partnership with the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) to convey the importance and urgency of the sustainable management of forests.

At one time forests dominated Earth’s landmass. Today, less than half of forests remain.  Deforestation is a real issue affecting not only our environment, but our survival as a species. Guardians of the Forest explains why our forests are a precious natural resource for everyone and why the answer to protection lies in sustainable management.

2015 Motion Graphics Reel

MediaStorm’s 2015 Motion Design Reel highlights the best animation work we’ve created for films and stand alone projects. Learn more about how organizations use our motion graphics services to communicate their message and create a unique graphic identity.

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Join Us for #ICPMEETUP: Photography and New Storytelling Platforms

MediaStorm’s Executive Producer Brian Storm will serve as the moderator for Photography and New Storytelling Platforms #ICPMEETUP on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 from 7:00–9:00 p.m. in the ICP Student Lounge in New York City. The session will explore the future of visual storytelling with the minds behind Atavist, Medium and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Register online to attend this free event.

Event Details

In the last years we have seen the emergence of new platforms allowing image makers to combine words, still and moving images into beautiful self-published stories and connect them organically to different communities.

These storytelling platforms such as Medium, Atavist, and Rockefeller Foundation’s toolkit platform for storytellers Hatch help image makers, journalists, but also nonprofits and other social impact organizations to use the power of narrative and networks to increase their reach, resources, and impact.

What can we learn from these empowering tools and how do and will they shape the future of visual storytelling?


  • Moderator: Brian Storm, Founder and Executive Producer at MediaStorm
  • Evan Ratliff, CEO and Co Founder of Atavist
  • Erich Nagler, Founding Art Director of Medium
  • Jay Geneske, Director of Digital at The Rockefeller Foundation.

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Job Alert: Video Team Positions with Hillary for America

Hillary for America, the official campaign to elect Hillary Clinton for President, is looking for candidates to fill its full-service video production team. Filmmakers, editors, cinematographers, producers and motion graphics artists are encouraged to apply for the New York City-based positions (full-time through November 2016).

Interested candidates should send an email describing why you want to work for the campaign and why you support Hillary Clinton, along with your resume, to VideoStaffing@hillaryclinton.com. Include in the subject line: Video Team, position you are applying for, and your name. Also include a link to your reel/portfolio, along with your availability and three references.

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