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Conservational International Now Hiring

Conservational International  is looking for a Visual Storytelling Director.

The Senior Director of Visual Storytelling leads the team at CI responsible for producing visual narratives that explain and promote CI’s mission and vision to the world. S/he reports to the Vice President of Communications as a part of CI’s Brand and Communications division. The Visual Storytelling (VST) team is made up of the Director of Production – who reports directly to the Senior Director – and the Production Coordinator.

They manage a video production studio and produce video, motion graphics, and photography to create visually compelling stories for professional stakeholder audiences and general publics across the world. The goals of projects vary.  In some cases the VST team works with CI field offices to achieve specific conservation results such as raising funds for local projects, changing legislation, or promoting local awareness.  In other cases the VST delivers more general work for global audiences. The Senior Director must be well versed in a variety of content genres and channels, and able to tailor content to a wide range of international and domestic audiences.

Key duties for this position include working with stakeholders across the organization to access and prioritize visual storytelling needs, and developing and managing a portfolio of productions best suited to achieving Brand and Communication objectives. The Senior Director manages the VST team, draws from a broad network of contractors and production companies, and runs the VST production studio to deliver on this portfolio.  The team also serves as a visual storytelling consulting and learning center for the whole of Conservation International, manages CI’s video library, and works closely with the rest of the Brand and Communications division to deliver on integrated marketing and communications.

To see the full posting and to apply, visit here

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Honoring World Water Day

Today is World Water Day, an opportunity for the international community to learn about water issues around the world. At MediaStorm, we believe that storytelling is a critical motivator for action, and we’ve developed two stories that we hope will inspire you to think critically about this precious resource.

Life After Water


Life After Water, a film by MediaStorm for Verse, is an intimate portrait of one California farmer’s attempt to cope in a new age of drought.

When the Water Ends

When the Water Ends

When the Water Ends, developed with photojournalist Evan Abramson for Yale Environment 360, tells the story of climate change conflicts in East Africa.

To learn more about how you can help, check out our partners’ sites:

UN Water http://www.unwater.org/

Yale Environment 360 http://e360.yale.edu/

Circle of Blue http://www.circleofblue.org/worldwaterday2016/

Charity: Water http://www.charitywater.org/about/


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Look 3 Schedule 2016


LOOK3’s 2016 schedule has been announced and it’s going to be another great year. We’re honored to participate:

EDU Seminar Day 1: Where Creativity Meets Technology: Scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, this seminar’s goal is to “provide a survey of contemporary technology, social media, publishing, sharing and delivery platforms that are essential tools for artists to create, collaborate produce and share their work”. Make sure to check out MediaStorm’s very own Brian Storm present on our storytelling approach.

Evening Projections, Saturday June 18: We are thrilled to partner with Look 3 to curate an evening of powerful stories. Stay tuned for the lineup.

To learn more about attendance and tickets, see here

See you at LOOK3!

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MediaStorm Launches Two New Films for Verse

We are so pleased to announce the launch of two new films with Verse, an immersive interactive storytelling platform. The Last Move and Life After Water are part of a four-story partnership that pairs the MediaStorm storytelling ethos with Verse’s innovative platform.

Both films were recently honored by Photographer of the Year International, one of the oldest and most prestigious photojournalism organizations in the world. The Last Move received third place in Documentary Journalism while Life After Water received the Award of Excellence for Multimedia Issue Reporting.

MediaStorm’s Andrew Michael Ellis was also recognized as Multimedia Photographer of the Year.

Congratulations to all our partners who make this work possible, our fellow POYi winners and nominees, and you, our audience, for continuing to support, inspire, and encourage us.


The Last Move: Michael Thomasson has devoted his life to video games. It’s been his passion and his obsession for more than three decades. He owns over 11,000 unique game titles for more than 100 different systems.


“Because there’s something wrong in the back of my head.”

His collection is so large, in fact, that it’s currently recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

There’s only one thing Michael loves more than his games: his family.

The Last Move pays tribute to one man’s quest to prove that his family’s needs come before all else–even his lifelong passion.


Life After WaterCalifornia’s Central Valley produces more than half of America’s produce. But the summer of 2015 marked the fourth year of what has become a monumental drought. Small family farmers like Jesus Ramos are in trouble. And when the farmers are in trouble, the country is in trouble.

As Ramos’ daughter says “No one is going to want to spend $5 on an orange”.

Life After Water is the compelling story of one man’s struggle to reimagine an apocalyptic world–a world without water.

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Worth Watching #148: SOFLES — LIMITLESS

“This is what happens when you give creative people the ability to be creative without limitations.”  -Brian Storm

See what else we think is Worth Watching.

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