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“Fight Hate With Love” Shortlisted for Tim Hetherington Trust Visionary Award

Watch it now button We are honored to announce that Fight Hate With Love has been shortlisted for the Tim Hetherington Trust‘s inaugural Visionary Award. The project, currently in production and helmed by Andrew Michael Ellis, MediaStorm’s director of photography, chronicles the story of activist Michael Tabon. Mike has been caught in the revolving door of the prison system since he was sixteen years old. Incarceration became a way of life, seen as an inherited destiny for America’s young Black poor, until he had a revelation–that he could break the cycle of the womb to prison pipeline gripping marginalized communities across the country.

Fight Hate with Love is about one man’s journey to change the world and still be the guide his family needs him to be. It is a road fraught with struggle. In this film we explore what is possible and what is sacrificed when a man’s desire to be a hero for the world is at odds with his desire to be a hero to his family.

Thirty two experts in photojournalism, filmmaking, multimedia and the arts, drawn from five continents nominated sixty four journalists and artists working at the forefront of documentary practice for the Visionary Award by the Tim Hetherington Trust. The award is intended to foster innovative approaches to visual storytelling and support visual artists and journalists reaching beyond the limitations of conventional media practice to create engaging and dynamic communication pieces.

We’re thrilled to be in the company of such talented storytellers – other shortlisted nominees include Dominic Bracco II, Kel O’Neill & Eline Jongsma, Erika Diettes and Jack Hatton. The ultimate winner will be announced in spring 2015 and receive a grant of £20,000.

About Tim Hetherington Trust

The Tim Hetherington Trust exists to preserve the legacy of Tim’s professional life as a visual storyteller and human rights advocate. The Trust works to advance the application of Tim’s ideas and images in all ways that promote the intellectual integrity of his work and which expand the artistic expression of his vision. Core to this is the support and nurture of new work that continues the ideals demonstrated by Tim with special emphasis on humanitarian and social concerns. The Tim Hetherington Trust encourages individuals and organizations that continue in Tim’s footsteps, exploring innovative media processes that enhance audience engagement with the issues and inspiring others to excel in the execution of effective communication.

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Open Call for UnionDocs Summer Documentary Intensive

UnionDocs just opened the call for their Summer Documentary Intensive. If you’re an emerging filmmaker looking for a short-term but immersive program to develop your next project, look no further. Early no-fee deadline is March 2nd, 2015.

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Job Alert: Associate Producer at Talking Eyes Media

Talking Eyes Media is seeking an Associate Producer to work out of their Montclair, NJ office. The candidate should be a self-motivated individual with an interest in documentary film production and at least three years of experience. The position requires someone with a high-level of organizational, communication, and production management skills.

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How to Make a Kitchen-Sink Sandwich

When you edit it’s easy to become enamored with your favorite moments, maybe a bit of narration here or a visual sequence there–parts you think are really working.

It’s easy to do and it’s natural.

But the more important question is, do these sections actually work within the context of the larger piece?

Sure, they’re beautiful on their own but how do they affect the overall story? Do they advance it? Or are they like a beautiful roadside dinosaur attraction, striking but totally out of place next to the suburban highway?

The question is, are you making a kitchen-sink sandwich?

Have you fallen in love with every ingredient in your refrigerator: the mayonnaise, the bleu cheese, the horseradish, the sauerkraut? Sure, they’re all fine on their own but slap them together and nothing quite makes sense anymore.

So when you’re structuring your movie, ask yourself this, does the section in question connect to the adjacent parts? Does it naturally follow the previous sequence and flow gracefully into the next one?

If it doesn’t quite fit then find a place where it does. And if you can’t, then maybe that section needs to go.

When you edit you must be merciless. Everything is potential fodder for the blade.

Be strong, my friends. Be vigilant.

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Job Alert: Producer at Wisconsin Media Lab

The Wisconsin Media Lab is looking for a producer with a strong background in interactive media design and a deep passion for public media and education to develop and manage the production of interactive educational media for use in Wisconsin’s K-12 schools.

Interested applicants should submit their application online no later than February 6th, 2015.

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