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MediaStorm Presents: H-Town Stories II for Neighborhood Centers

In this new installment of H-Town Stories commissioned by Neighborhood Centers Inc., MediaStorm takes an intimate look at two lives that have been transformed by the power of work. Neighborhood Centers provides services to 400,000 Texans every year and MediaStorm hoped to create intimate portraits of just a few of these men and women who benefit from such assistance.

Fred, a pilot and Vietnam veteran, spent decades taking care of his ailing wife. As a cargo pilot, he split his time between the stress of flying and the stress of watching his partner slowly die. With his savings finally gone and the passing of his wife, he decided at 60 to start his professional life again.

Teresa was born in Mexico. She and her ex-husband traveled to Houston as undocumented workers. Despite the stress of her new life, and even an attack on her life, Theresa has managed to not only survive, she has thrived, starting a new business to support her two daughters and one on the way.

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50 Great Documentaries

People occasionally ask me what’s the best way to become a better editor. For a long time, my stock answer was to watch a lot of movies. I think now that a more precise answer is to understand how movies work: to dissect them the way Renaissance artists dissected cadavers in order to better understand the human form.

With that in mind, here’s a list of 50 documentaries that I particularly enjoyed. The list is not a best of. And it’s far from complete. Many were produced in America and most are from the last 20 years. What these films have in common is that they are all tell great stories.

Make sure to add your favorite documentaries to the list below.



Grizzly Man
The Cove

Movies about Movies

Best Worst Movie
Burden of Dreams
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse
Jodoroworsky’s Dune
Lost in La Mancha


Anvil! The Story of Anvil
Beware of Mr. Baker
End of the Century – The Story of the Ramones
Hoop Dreams
The Filth and The Fury
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
The Last Waltz

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Now Playing on MediaStorm: Hungry Horse by Pieter ten Hoopen


We are pleased to launch Hungry Horse, a film and photography project created by internationally acclaimed photographer Pieter ten Hoopen in collaboration with MediaStorm based on over ten years of work in a small Montana town.

In the film, Pieter touches on the struggles of poverty, drug use and loss. But he more accurately captures the spirit of renewal, peace and serenity in the lives of the people he documents through stunning landscapes and intimate oral histories. Hungry Horse follows the mythical structure of its subjects’ lives, Charly, Brad Lee, and Katie, and it is through their stories, and Pieter’s powerful imagery that we learn about the timeless cycle of adventure, loss and renewal.


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Subscription Access to MediaStorm’s Publication Now Available

We believe that quality storytelling can change the way you see the world. That’s why we help the world’s finest filmmakers and photographers tell stories that matter with the depth they deserve. These stories make up the MediaStorm’s Publication – a destination for long-form video journalism and cutting-edge film.

Today, we are proud to announce the MediaStorm community can now “sub to the pub” with an annual subscription that gives you full-access to all the stories in our Publication, for just $23.95.

Why subscribe to MediaStorm’s Publication? Because you believe in quality storytelling. Because you believe that the really special stories are developed over months and years, not moments. And perhaps most importantly, because you support independent storytellers.

Your subscription to MediaStorm’s Publication is a vote of confidence that voice and meaning needs to be given to the most pressing issues of our time and that the creatives on the frontlines of this work deserve to be compensated. For less than $2 per month you can help us share more stories and tell them better. Join us.

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Rest in Peace, Benny

Benny Villanova, the subject of our workshop story The American-Made Benny, passed away on Sunday, October 26th, 2014. He was 65.

A resident of Woodhaven, Queens, he was born in Sicily and immigrated to this country as young boy.

He began working at the New York Sanitation Department in 1979 and later worked out of his garage, selling discarded goods as a self-styled “garbologist.”

Benny was a Vietnam veteran, a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

Benny was a complicated man and we at MediaStorm hope that he has found peace.

We share our condolences with the Villanova family.

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