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Fight Hate With Love by MediaStorm

Michael Tabon has "three strikes against him", he's black, he's young, and he's poor. He's spent 16 years in jail and a lifetime looking for dignity. Jail changed him and made him question this assumed destiny. And so was born his cause "Fight Hate with Love".

The Long Night by Tim Matsui

The Long Night, a feature film by Tim Matsui and MediaStorm, gives voice and meaning to the crisis of minors who are forced and coerced into the American sex trade.

WSJ. Magazine 2015 Innovators Awards for WSJ. The Wall Street Journal Magazine

MediaStorm partnered with the Wall St. Journal Magazine to produce seven short films honoring each of the awardees of the Magazine’s fifth annual Innovator Awards.

WSJ Innovator: Karl Ove Knausgaard for WSJ. The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Karl Ove Knausgaard is the celebrated author of a massive six-volume autobiography. But Knausgaard remains confused by the attention. This is a portrait of a man who has achieved massive success yet still considers himself unworthy.

WSJ Innovator: Thomas Heatherwick for WSJ. The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Thomas Heatherwick’s studio is located in London, just below a budget hotel. The space is littered with the tools of making. In this studio, and with these tools, some of the most spectacular designs of the last 20 years have been made.

WSJ Innovator: Miuccia Prada for WSJ. The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Prada, the brand and its founder, are a force in fashion. It continues to reflect the instinct and intellect of Miuccia. Prada. “When I do a show,” she says, “No one will tell me what to do.”

WSJ Innovator: Stewart Butterfield for WSJ. The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Stewart Butterfield has twice attempted to build a video game. Both times, he failed. Out of those failures, however, Butterfield helped usher in and build two of the most important tools for their respective fields.

WSJ Innovator: Angelina Jolie for WSJ. The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Angelina Jolie Pitt’s onscreen roles have been some of the most memorable and celebrated in American cinema. Though many would be content to continue that successful career path, Jolie Pitt took a risk in 2011.

WSJ Innovator: Richard Serra for WSJ. The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Richard Serra has spent his life as an artist redefining space. His work, often massive monoliths that would buckle most foundations, force the viewer to re-engage with their surroundings.

WSJ Innovator: Mark Parker for WSJ. The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, isn’t your traditional chief executive. "The last thing we want," says Parker, "is to be a big dumb company that feels we can put a swoosh on something and people will buy that."

Connected to the Top for Verse

In 2012, a team of professional climbers sought out to summit the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. The expedition commemorated the 50th anniversary of the first American ascent of the mountain.

Shine On for Harbers Studios, Shine on Sierra Leone and Cash & Rocket

Shine On tells the story of Shine On Sierra Leone, an innovative education-based cultural partnership that focuses on social development through personal transformation.

2015 ICP Infinity Awards for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Since 1985, the International Center of Photography has recognized outstanding achievements in photography with its prestigious Infinity Awards.

2015 ICP Infinity Awards: Photojournalism - Tomas van Houtryve for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Tomas Van Houtryve wants there to be a permanent visual record of the dawn of the drone age, the period in American history when America started outsourcing their military to flying robots. In order to create this record, Van Houtryve...

2015 ICP Infinity Awards: Young Photographer - Evgenia Arbugaeva for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Evgenia Arbugaeva was born in the magical town of Tiksi, Russia. The barren, white landscape influenced Arbugaeva in almost every aspect of her dreamlike photography.

2015 ICP Infinity Awards: Art - Larry Fink for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Larry Fink has spent over 40 years photographing jazz musicians, wealthy manhattanites, his neighbors, fashion models, and the celebrity elite. His archive is a thoughtful collection of American history.

2015 ICP Infinity Awards: Publication - LaToya Ruby Frazier for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

LaToya Ruby Frazier's body of work "The Notion of Family" examines the impact of the steel industry and health care system on the community of Braddock, PA.

2015 ICP Infinity Awards: Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement - Graciela Iturbide for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Graciela Iturbide always photographs what surprises her. Her imaginative photographs embrace the wonder of the natural world—reflecting her love for life and her playfulness with death.

2015 ICP Infinity Awards: New Media - Question Bridge for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Created over a four-year period, Question Bridge: Black Men offers a simple but profound vantage point: the ability to listen in as black men talk to each other.

2015 ICP Infinity Awards: Trustees - The Lean In Collection for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Getty Images and Leanin.org have teamed up to repicture not just women, but men, families, and the workplace. As Leanin.org founder Sheryl Sandberg says, "If you can't see it, you can't be it."

W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund Website for W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund

The W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund was created in 1979 to honor the memory of W. Eugene Smith, an American master photo essayist and journalist, by giving an annual production grant in documentary photography.

The Starbucks Origin Experience for Starbucks

Through the Origin Experience, Starbucks has taken groups of their partners to Costa Rica, Sumatra, Indonesia and Tanzania, Africa to experience first-hand the incredible hard work and passion that goes into each pound of coffee they sell.

Portraits of Heroes at Home for Sears

Portraits of Heroes at Home follows Pulitzer Prize Winning photojournalist John Moore as he creates portraits of four soldiers, and learns of their harrowing injuries on the battlefield and their remarkable stories of physical and mental recovery.

On Thinner Ice for Asia Society

On Thinner Ice looks at the impact of how the melting Himalayan Glaciers will impact over 2 billion downstream Asian users and the world.

Leveling Appalachia for Yale Environment 360

Leveling Appalachia offers a first-hand look at mountaintop removal mining and what is at stake for Appalachia's environment and its people.

The power of 10,000 for Starbucks

The power of 10,000 shows the impact 10,000 Starbucks Partners had on New Orleans when they visited the city in 2008 for five days of community volunteer work and leadership training.

Condition: Critical for Médecins Sans Frontières

Life isn't just hard in eastern Congo: this region is in critical condition. And things aren't getting any better. Condition: Critical tells the stories of the people affected by this long-raging war.

A Climate for Life for Harbers Studios, Conservation International and International League of Conservation Photographers

A Climate for Life looks at the results of climate change on our planet, tracing these effects from the poles to the tropics and examining how those diverse regions are interconnected.

Crisis Guide: Climate Change for Council on Foreign Relations

Crisis Guide: Climate Change looks at the known effects of climate change, the diplomatic dilemmas, the relevant technologies and policy options, and the diverse perspectives on the problem.

At last, at last, a dream fulfilled for Rocky Mountain News

Forty-five years after Martin Luther King called on America to live out the true meaning of its creed - that all men are created equal - a senator from Illinois becomes the first African-American nominee of a major political party.

The Sandwich Generation: Caught in the Middle for MSNBC

Twenty million Americans are faced with caring for both aging parents and young children. In The Sandwich Generation, one family exposes with unflinching candor its emotionally charged account of family caregiving.

The '60s Kids, Part 1: Say You Want a Revolution for MSNBC

A multimedia look at the decade of social, political and cultural upheaval, and how events from that era continue to influence today's generation.