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The MediaStorm Storytelling Platform

Coming soon. The MediaStorm Storytelling Platform.

Seamless Payment Processing. Multi-language Support. Integrated Metadata. HTML5.

A platform made by publishers, for publishers.

The MediaStorm Storytelling Platform lets publishers distribute widely, with control.

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Seamless Payment Processing

Our Pay Per Story module allows users to securely pay for streamed video without leaving the platform, no matter where it's shared on the Web. If you don't want to charge for your streamed content, just turn it off.


Multi-language Support

The subtitle and transcript tool uses Unicode Standard to support the world's most-used languages. And it keeps subtitles independent from your video, which means you can update and turn them on and off in real time. To find out if the platform supports your language, contact us.


A Portable Storefront

Feature your products from third-party retailers like Amazon and iTunes in a storefront within the platform. The storefront travels wherever the new platform does, so every new embed is a new sales location for your content.


Custom Branding

Make the platform look like your own with easy-to-customize settings. Add your logo, choose your colors, you can even add an optional video bumper to play before a title in a playlist.


Optimized for Today's Web

Eighty percent of interactions with content take place away from a content owner's website. So it's important that your content platform is optimized to be shared, embedded, searched and talked about.

With the MediaStorm Storytelling Platform, it's easy to share and embed on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any social media platform. It also accepts comments and lets viewers email to a friend.

Using trackable embeds, you can see where your content is embedded and even disable an embed if necessary. Each embed keeps its full set of features, functionality, and content, and is scalable from 400 to 1000 pixels wide.

With the player now in HTML5 it plays on all Web-enabled devices, including computers, laptops, netbooks, iPhones and iPads.

Sharing on Facebook
Sharing on Twitter
Sharing on Twitter

SEO and Tracking

Detailed metadata makes your content easy to find online. The platform lets you attach a wealth of metadata to your videos, including project descriptions, keywords, related links, credits and fully-customizable text sections to use to inform and engage your audience.

Google Analytics event tracking integration makes it easy to track who is watching your content from wherever it's been shared. Just enter your existing Google Analytics tracking ID number, or sign up for a free Google Analytics account, and you'll be able to track video playback completion, menu navigation and email referrals.

All tracked data is associated with individual titles and projects, so you can easily see how well your videos are performing.


Flexible Playback

With support for variable video sizes and formats, the ability to direct viewers to a specific section of the player at the end of a video (such as share, embed or purchase), an intuitive interface, and fullscreen playback, the MediaStorm Storytelling Platform lets you optimize your viewers' experience.


Advertising & Sponsorship

Third-party advertising platform integration lets you play targeted ads according to project metadata. You can also control the quantity and placement of ads by enabling them individually on titles in a playlist. Track your marketing success via the publishers console.

If you have a sponsor, it's easy to include the sponsor logo on the platform.


The MediaStorm Storytelling Platform is built to be flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of publishers. We're excited to talk to you about what it can do for you.

For more information, contact us at info@mediastorm.com

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