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We Media Game Changers Awards

We Media has posted the finalists for their 2009 Game Changers Awards. These awards are given to “people, projects, ideas and organizations leading change and inspiring a better world through media.”  Awards are based on seven categories: Story, Design, Social Impact, Pattern Change, Purpose, Community, Sustainability.

MediaStorm is thrilled to be in the running for the finalists- both for MediaStorm.org, and for Bearing Witness, a project we collaborated on with Reuters for the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq.  There are 33 other finalists, and there are some really fantastic projects/sites in there- it’s well worth spending some time going through this list. Visitors can go through and rate each of the nominees- there’s no official “vote”, but a Community Choice award will be given out based on the ratings along with the awards from the official judges.  Check it out.

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