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Refugees United and MediaStorm launch “Lost and Found: The Story of Refugees United”

Refugees United commissioned MediaStorm to create a documentary that both told the story of Refugees United, as well as chronicled the lives of refugees that are currently separated from their family. They wanted to portray the universality of the issue that they deal with and show the heartache and struggle these people face as they are separated from and searching for their lost loved ones.

Following the lives of four refugees and how separation from loved ones has shaped their existence, “Lost and Found: The Story of Refugees United” is a journey into the hardships so many families must endure as they seek to reconnect.

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  • […] “Lost and Found” Commissioned by Refugees United, Rick Gershon of Media Storm’s film “Lost and Found” tells the story of the nonprofit and why the program is needed.  In usual Media Storm form, the individual stories of families lost and displaced are heart-wrenching.  At the end of 2009, more than 43 million people had been forcibly displaced and separated from their homes and family.  Whether the cause was natural disasters, conflict or war, the result was the same — families torn apart.  Those who are lost or have been separated are in a sort of limbo not knowing of each other’s well-being.  In response to refugees who have had little to no chance of reuniting with loved ones, Refugees United was created to uses the modern technology of mobile tools and the Internet to streamline the family-tracing process for both nongovernmental organizations and individuals. […]

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