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MediaStorm Now Using H.264 for Better Playback

When MediaStorm launched in 2005, video playback on the web was in its infancy. The best way to serve our projects was using Adobe’s Flash technology.

Times change.

Today, MediaStorm is excited to announce that we will encode all new projects using the H.264 codec. What this means is the quality of the files you’ll see in our new projects will be significantly better.

They will also be larger. While our Flash files were encoded at 728 x 432 pixels, our new projects are 1280 x 720. Play the new workshop pieces Remember These Days or A Hundred Different Ways and you’ll see the difference, particularly in full-screen mode.

Even better, the high-quality file you see on the internet will be the exact same file you’ll see on your iPad and iPhone.

In conjunction with these changes, we’re also releasing two new white papers.

The first, MediaStorm Compression Workflow: From Output to Web-ready H.264 details our new encoding process.

The other, Setting up Qmaster for Faster Transcoding and Compression shows you how to use Apple’s Compressor for faster encodes that utilize all of your computer’s processors.

Both papers can be found on our resources page: http://mediastorm.com/train/resources.

Learn more about our approach to producing multimedia by purchasing MediaStorm’s Post-production Workflow. Spanning more than 200 steps, the workflow covers every phase of editing, from organizing and editing assets in Final Cut Pro 7 through backing up and archiving your project. The workflow includes exclusive access to our Aperture Workflow and our Final Cut Asset Parser. Learn more about MediaStorm’s Post-production Workflow.

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