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Discover a Bigger, Badder New York with Narratively

Discover Narratively

It’s no secret that New York is saturated with top-notch media outlets. But in such a fast-paced city, many of those outlets have no choice but to focus on the 24/7 cycle of breaking news, politics, entertainment and gossip. Countless blogs and websites repeat these stories over and over, but few have the time, resources or interest to undertake high-quality feature reporting. As a result, great human-interest pieces about New York are hard to find.

Narratively, a new digital publication, is here to change that by running the bigger, badder, weirder, sadder, uplifting and intoxicating stories about New York that average news headlines don’t cover.

Narratively is devoted to telling original, true and in-depth stories about New York, with plans to expand to other cities. It aims to slows down the news cycle. Each week, Narratively will explore a different theme about New York and publish a series of connected stories — just one a day — told in the most appropriate medium for each piece. One might feature a longform article with portrait photos on a Monday, followed by an animated documentary on Tuesday, then a photo essay, an audio piece or a short documentary film. Every story gets the space and time it needs to have an impact.

Narratively on Kickstarter

Narratively is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help them get their project off the ground.

Kickstarter donations will help their team create six months of compelling, innovative and important Narratively stories to kick off their publication.

They will also help complete development of the Narratively website and roll out their plan to become sustainable after their initial six months.

In their first week they are already more than 10 percent to their goal. Help them keep the momentum going!

Learn more about supporting Narratively.

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