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New Transom Manifesto: The MediaStorm Approach to Storytelling

We’re excited to announce the release of a new Transom Manifesto about quality storytelling by MediaStorm founder and executive producer Brian Storm. Here’s more about the manifesto from Transom’s Jay Allison:

Brian Storm: The MediaStorm Approach to Storytelling

In his Transom Manifesto, Brian Storm—the founder and executive producer of the innovative, multimedia production studio MediaStorm—talks about “quality” on the web as the main driver of web traffic (besides gossip or sensationalism, or being really funny). In an attempt to diagnose the elements of quality, he’s prepared a fascinating Transom Manifesto, comparing three versions of the same story about a New York City Seltzer Man—one for radio, one for TV, and one by Mediastorm. He takes the time to disassemble them and break down the beats. This is a great multimedia storytelling exercise, highly recommended.

See Brian Storm’s Transom Manifesto at transom.org.

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  • http://bobsacha.com bob sacha

    Love seeing three versions of the same story. This is a great mini class in powerful storytelling! Gonne use this in my class. Thanks.

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