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MediaStorm Online Training Launches ‘The Making Of: Take Care’

We are happy to release The Making Of: Take Care, the fourth module in our Making Of training series.

This new educational module invites seasoned multimedia professionals and beginners alike to learn about the decisions, both in the field and in the editing suite, that went into the making of MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop story Take Care.

Take Care is a story about family, choices and reconciliation. It offers a glimpse into the life of Virginia Gandee, a 22-year-old woman who lives in Staten Island, New York.

At first glance one is struck by Virginia’s bold appearance; her bright red hair and the dozen tattoos that canvas her body. When she was 15, Gin left home to marry a 20-year-old she met online. Two years later, she was a teenage mother.

Today, Gin is raising her daughter as a single mother and pursuing her dream to become a nurse. Meanwhile we see that inside her family’s trailer park home, Gin’s caregiving goes beyond the love she has for her daughter.

The Making Of: Take Care provides more than an hour of discussion and exposition on the process and multitude of decisions that went into the editing and shooting of Take Care.

Join a conversation between producer Eric Maierson and MediaStorm executive producer Brian Storm as they discuss the development of this story through a scene-by-scene breakdown of the piece.


MediaStorm Online Training

Whether you’re an established photographer looking to transition to multimedia storytelling or a student wanting to expand your storytelling skills, MediaStorm’s Online Training provides a practical overview that will further your multimedia storytelling skills.

Individual and multi-user access are available for a range of training videos available at mediastorm.com/train/online.

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