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Worth Clicking: MediaStorm Links Roundup

You’ve made it through another week. To celebrate, unwind with some of our favorite reads and videos from the past week. All links are hand-picked by the MediaStorm staff. Cheers!

Google just demoted your television set into a second screen, a slave to your phone or tablet or laptop. [BuzzMachine]

Despite new technology and the leveling of the creative playing field, video is still a prisoner inside the rectangle viewing window. Can it be freed? [Inside the Story]

Turns your iPad into a Mac control pad. [Macworld]

The production duo behind Beasts of the Southern Wild has a fellowship from NYU’s Cinema Research Institute to research grassroots audience outreach for films; here are the top takeways from their research so far. [Indiewire]

Is your work designed to stand the test of time? [Seth’s Blog]

Innovation happens when ideas intersect, so innovative people are at the intersection of fields. [Fast Company]

Steinway & Sons, the celebrated piano making company, recently produced this video of how their grand pianos are constructed. [Kotke]

Vice puts the Canon C300 through its paces. [News Shooter]

To illustrate this week’s cover story on the city of Detroit’s fight to survive, TIME turned to the work of photographer Dave Jordano. [TIME Lightbox]

On Thursday the people behind “Hollow” fully launched their interactive documentary site and the results are extraordinary. [Huffington Post]

Blog Throwback: Ten more ways to improve your work right now, no matter how challenging your original assets may be. [MediaStorm Blog]

And just for fun… Fake bungie jump [YouTube]

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