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Category Archives: Storytelling

Worth Clicking: “Inside Tracks” In the News

Last week we launched Inside Tracks with renowned photographer and friend to MediaStorm, Rick Smolan. This week, the story of Robyn Davidson’s 1,700 mile walk across the Australian outback and Rick’s photographs of her journey made waves around the web. Check out our favorite links and don’t forget to support Rick’s Kickstarter campaign to self-publish […]

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10 Thoughts on Filmmaking

IN PRACTICE 1. Think of music as a current. It should flow in the same emotional direction as the film itself. Imposing a mood leads to sentimentality. 2. It’s natural to become enamored with specific scenes or edits. But sometimes things that work well on their own don’t belong within the wider context of the […]

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Worth Watching #162: The Way We Live Our Lives in Stories

I love Edge. – Shameel Arafin Watch a conversation with Jonathan Gottschall on Edge. See what else we think is Worth Watching.

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The One Thing

Editing is about making decisions, thousands and thousands of them. Everything from whether to use a one-frame audio dissolve that will ultimately go unnoticed to how to arrange the scenes of your story in order to create the most powerful dramatic arc—the kind of choice that will ultimately determine the success of your work. Decisions […]

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Photojournalist Kitra Cahana Defends A Different Kind of Freedom at TED

In her recent TED talk, photojournalist Kitra Cahana shares the stories of the nomadic, homeless youth she roamed the United States with for months. Tracing her attraction to vagabonds to a bag she packed to run away as a child, Cahana draws parallels between the alternative lifestyle of nomads and the need we all have […]

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