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An introduction to the newest addition to our post-production repertoire, our 2013 Motion Design Reel gives you a taste of what is possible.

Client: Various Clients
Published: February 6, 2013

We strive to give each client a unique graphic identity that communicates their message and remains true to the essence of their brand. Our visual style embraces our cinematic narrative tradition. Through layering, color and texture our designers build depth to elevate even the simplest design to an impactful visual experience.

Our Approach
Our passion for motion design stems from a desire to empower our clients with great design solutions that bring clarity to each touchpoint they have with their audiences. We start out each project with style frames and storyboards, giving clients an early understanding of the design direction and possibilities. Collaboration is key. Only with both parties on board and sharing the same vision can truly amazing work be made.

When animating, MediaStorm draws upon the strength of its editorial expertise in constructing well-paced visuals that keep the viewer engaged. Designers carefully weave sourced imagery, graphic elements and text to well-crafted scripts and cinematic sequences.

MediaStorm's diverse environment of designers, cinematographers and producers brings all heads and eyes to a project. With a methodology focused workflow, our design team exhausts the possibilities to problem solve and deliver the highest quality product on time and within budget.

2013 Motion Graphics Reel

2013 Motion Graphics Reel

2013 Motion Graphics Reel

Concept Development - Style Frames and Look Boards
Not sure what solution might be best for you? Through illustration, sketches and design we can assist in solidifying your message in a visual way. Clients benefit from our battle-tested publication workflow, which seeks to utilize graphics in a smart and pivotal part of our narratives.

Traditional Animation - Hand Drawn and Stop Motion
Some things are just better when done by hand. Like writing a letter, hand-drawn animation can give your project a unique look and feel while embodying the honesty of your message. Our creatives are eager to bring your vision to life and then some!

Motion Design - 2D and 3D Animation and Design
Whether you have a title sequence, infographic, kinetic-type piece or full-fledged animated world in mind, our team has the tools and creative know-how to execute. This is what we live and breathe. It takes time, but the results are unparalleled.

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