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Since 1985, the International Center of Photography has recognized outstanding achievements in photography with its prestigious Infinity Awards. The awards ceremony is also ICP’s primary fundraising benefit, with its revenues assisting the center's various programs.

ICP commissioned MediaStorm to create a short film about each of the recipients to screen at the awards ceremony and to later remain online. The films serve as introductions of the recipients to the audience as well as a showcase of their work, highlighting the motivations for honoring them with Infinity Awards.

In addition to creating the films, MediaStorm created unique title cards and intro animations to accompany the films. The animations introduce themes, often abstractly, that are further explored in the films.

Client: International Center of Photography
Published: September 18, 2014
The Challenge
To introduce each photographer in way that pays homage to their body of work, while also giving the viewer something to whet their palate in preparation for each film. Due to the number of films that needed introduction, it was critical to create intros that were cohesive in style and relatively quick to produce. Additionally, the intros would need to hook the internet audience who would lack the same time investment as an attendee of the Infinity Awards event.

The Solution
After studying each award winner’s films being created by MediaStorm’s producers, the motion design process began by collecting vintage cameras to be photographed and in turn projected onto 3D geometry. In the 2014 version of the intros, miniature sets were constructed only to later be burned, flooded and destroyed. Through lighting and camera techniques, the team was able to create a library of shots with which to further edit and enhance with motion graphics.

The 2013 Infinity Awards relied heavily on camera projection. Through the technique, moving macro shots were able to be achieved that would not have been possible without extensive stabilization. Camera projection also helped to explore photography from ICP’s archive and a detail of Cristina de Middel’s “Afronauts.”

In 2014, the team utilized the Sony F5’s high frame rate capabilities to capture ultra-slow motion and speed shifts through time-remapping. This time around, the team built miniature sets, which were then placed on a custom rig that allowed for dollying and rotation without moving the camera.

ICP Infinity Awards: Intro Graphics

ICP Infinity Awards: Intro Graphics

ICP Infinity Awards: Intro Graphics
The Results
15-20 second intro animations that utilize themes in each photographer’s work. During the Infinity Awards event, the intros directed the audience's attention back to the screen after listening to the award winner’s acceptance speech. Online, the intros unite each film in the series and provide context for the film’s life outside the Infinity Awards event.

About the Client
The International Center of Photography (ICP) is the world’s leading institution dedicated to the practice and understanding of photography and the reproduced image in all its forms. Through exhibitions, educational programs, and community outreach, the organization offers an open forum for dialogue about the role images play in our culture. Since its founding, ICP has presented more than 500 exhibitions and offered thousands of classes, providing instruction at every level. ICP is a center where photographers and artists, students and scholars can create and interpret the world of the image within our comprehensive educational facilities and archive.

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