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Baby-boomers don't do anything like the previous generations. First there was the 60s and rock & roll, now comes retirement.

And, as boomers approach the time when they finally could say good-bye to a life of hard work and just lie on the beach, an estimated 70 percent of this generation plans to keep working in their retirement years. Furthermore, on top of the best quality of life for the least money possible, they also seek education, culture and more activity than the previous generations.

More than 90 percent of baby-boomers say that they want to stay in places where they have roots, but for those who look into changing locations, here are five places that should fulfill their dreams: from the fantasy of a perfect blue-lagoon to the charm of a small college town, or the attraction of the super-active metropolis.

Featured Original Reporting:

Ashland, Oregon: The college town
Ashland, Oregon is the perfect place for boomers seeking an educated retirement. Famous for its Shakespeare festival, a theater festival lasting nine months (starting Feb. 17th), Ashland also has a classical music festival nearby, the Britt festival, which takes place in Jackson, Ore. in August and a film festival taking place in April. People who are 65 and older can take any class for free at Southern Oregon University. For just a $100, they can also take classes at the Learning in Retirement Program. Ashland is not the cheapest retirement location with a median home cost of $349,000 but with just about 20,000 residents, Ashland is a tight community, which offers a great opportunity for boomers who want to reinvent their lives. In our original reporting, we will work to find a person who started a new career there such as Mark Thomas, a former ad executive from the Bay Area, who opened Louie's Bar and Grill there. The ideal subject would be taking classes and have a business venture on the side.

Miguel de Allende, Mexico: The vacation house turned retirement heaven
More and more people start buying houses with the ultimate goal of making them the place of their retirement. In Miguel de Allende, Mexico, we will find a couple that has turned their vacation homes into their retirement heaven. About four hours away from Mexico City, with three close-by international airports, San Miguel de Allende is an expat's dream. San Miguel has over 5,000 U.S. citizens for a population of 80,000. It guarantees the comforts of home (cable tv, one of the largest bilingual libraries in the country) while offering a slower pace of life and the charm of thousands of years of history and architecture. Property prices are going a little bit up, but the low cost of living expenses still goes a long way for each retirement dollar.

Client: MSNBC
Published: March 1, 2006

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