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The WSJ. Magazine 2017 Innovators are an outstanding group of individuals recognized for setting new ground in their fields. The innovators are honored at a red carpet gala at the Museum of Modern Art, and each awardees’ story is showcased in a video tribute by MediaStorm.

WSJ. Magazine 2017 Entertainment Innovator: Reese Witherspoon has enthralled audiences since her first iconic film, Man on the Moon. As a woman in Hollywood, she sought roles that portrayed complicated women, like “Tracy Flick” in Election and “June Carter” in Walk the Line–a performance that won her an Oscar. When, in 2008, she saw a dearth of opportunities for women to play such complex roles, she decided to do something about it. She created a production company whose only mission was to develop films with women at the center of the story, as the heroes of their own journeys. It launched with Gone Girl, subsequently produced Wild, and most recently the HBO limited series Big Little Lies. Each film received wide acclaim, including Oscar nominations, and a sweep of Emmys for Big Little Lies. Reese Witherspoon, actor, producer and entrepreneur, remains committed to producing stories that reflect the experiences of women around the world, creating more opportunities for women to see themselves on screen.

Client: WSJ. Magazine
Published: November 1, 2017


The Wall St. Journal Magazine, for its seventh annual Innovator Awards, required short, fast paced, but personal, stories of innovation from each of its seven winners.

The Challenge

Access to celebrities and footage of their work is always a challenge. MediaStorm was fortunate to secure a personal, and in-depth interview with Ms. Witherspoon, which was enough to create a special narrative on her work promoting women’s stories in Hollywood. However, when WSJ. Magazine secured an interview with Oprah Winfrey to express her sentiments on Ms. Witherspoon’s impact, we knew it was an opportunity to enhance the film.

The Solution

To marry the voices of Ms. Witherspoon and Ms. Winfrey, we focused on Ms. Witherspoon’s desires to create stories focused on women, and Ms. Winfrey’s support of her impact. The result is a film that celebrates Ms. Witherspoon’s work, with the validation of a media mogul whose legacy is about improving the lives of women around the world.


The film premiered at the WSJ. Magazine 2017 Innovator Awards, on November 1st, and then published on the Wall St. Journal’s and MediaStorm’s websites the next day. It is a key tool for driving awareness to the magazine and the prestigious awards themselves.

About the Client

With five global editions spanning 62 countries, WSJ. Magazine—which publishes 12 issues a year—is The Wall Street Journal's luxury-lifestyle publication dedicated to the power and passions of the Journal's readership.

Individual Films

WSJ. Magazine 2017 Entertainment Innovator: Reese Witherspoon creates stories with women as heroes of their own journeys. In creating these films, she hopes to be part of a sea change in which women’s experiences are reflected on screen. Watch it now.

Since 2002, WSJ. Magazine 2017 Design Innovator: Roman and Williams, have been re-defining modern design to create spaces that are inviting, warm, and create a deep sense of belonging. Watch it now.

WSJ. Magazine 2017 Performing Arts Innovator: Ryan Heffington is a choreographer, director, and performance artist, who inspires viewers the world over and redefines the possibilities for dance. Watch it now.

Diller Scofidio + Renfro works at the intersection of architecture, visual and performing arts. It’s recognized as a WSJ Magazine 2017 Innovator for its ability to defy expectations and create spaces that are open to the public. Watch it now.

WSJ. Magazine 2017 Technology Innovator: Musical.ly, is an app that tweens use to create videos lip syncing to their favorite songs. It now has upwards of 90 million registered users, making it one of the world’s most popular apps. Watch it now.

WSJ. Magazine 2017 Art Innovator: Mark Bradford, has made a career of creating art borne of his personal experience. His work at the Venice Biennale explores the darkest moments of U.S. history while channeling his own perspective on hope. Watch it now.

WSJ. Magazine 2017 Fashion Innovator: Raf Simons brings his unique eye and appreciation for cultural critique to his work as the Chief Creative Officer of the iconic American brand, Calvin Klein. Watch it now.

MediaStorm partnered with the WSJ. Magazine to produce seven short films honoring each of the awardees of the Magazine’s seventh annual Innovator Awards. Watch it now.

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