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Chia-Yu Chang

15: Dec 2014

Chia-Yu Chang is currently a senior photographer for the Business Weekly Magazine, one of the largest magazine in Taiwan. Every week, a million people in Taiwan read this magazine. His work primarily focus on economic news and portrait.

Chia-Yu was born and raised in Taiwan. He found his passion for photography since he studied journalism at National Chengchi University ( NCCU ). He believes the power of multimedia will change the scene of photo industry. Chia-Yu’s website is www.chiayuchang.com.

Chia-Yu participated in the December 2014 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. He had the following to say about her experience:

The Methodology Workshop was really intense and helpful to me. It was inspiring to hear Brian Storm sharing his experiences on building the MediaStorm business model. He showed us every line of his business and taught us how he funds high quality films. Learning his insistence on the “patient model” and investing a great amount of time on each project has changed my mindset.

And to meet the talented MediaStorm team was another big PLUS for this workshop. I’ve not only learned different aspect of skills, but am affected by their energy and passion. I came home with much, much more than I thought.