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Darian Woehr

21: December 2018

Born in Washington DC, Darian is a Photojournalism and Global Studies Major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. First and foremost, however, she is a storyteller. Her work has been recognized by College Photographer of the Year, The Online Journalism Awards and HuffPost. She served as a video intern at NPR, a production intern for Storyboard Media and a video producer for The Daily Tar Heel. Most recently, she completed an award-winning multimedia project covering repercussions of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico’s environmental landscape. ​ Through photojournalism, Darian has quenched her thirst for constant exploration, human interaction, and artistic expression that captures all forms of life.

Darian participated in the December 2018 MediaStorm Methodology Master Class. She had the following to say about his experience:

I would recommend the MediaStorm Methodology workshop to anyone looking to improve their storytelling both technically and creatively. The workshop is relevant to anyone at any point in a variety of careers and allows endless opportunities for meeting other passionate creators, sharing new ideas, and opening ones mind to the endless possibilities our industry holds. I can confidently say that the 4 days spent with MediaStorm changed my life and showed me just how much of a positive impact storytelling can have on the world.

Darian Woehr, Documentary filmmaker, photojournalist