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Dolphine Emali

09: Aug 2013

Dolphine Emali calls herself a visual person. She perceives information best when she can see it. She is a visual storyteller. Her current work at Internews as a Training Coordinator and TV and photography trainer allows her to help journalists become compelling visual storytellers.

Dolphine’s passion for photography influences her video production work. To her, these are two very different mediums. Where video is like a river constantly flowing, taking you on a journey, photography is like a mountain. It is right there. You can’t miss it.

Some people just have to see it to believe it. To Dolphine these people must be served with compelling visual storytelling. In this age a journalist has many tools at their disposal to tell compelling stories. Multimedia storytelling should be explored widely by journalists.

Dolphine is a 2008 NUFFIC fellow where she attended an RNTC course on training the trainer. She holds a certificate from International Media Support (IMS) on conflict sensitive reporting, a certificate from Children Television Trust International (CTTI) on sound recording. She is a Jack Picone photography mentee and a Film and Video production diploma holder from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. Dolphine’s photography has featured at Alliance Francais for different exhibitions, ‘Light & Shade’ July 2008, ‘Dukas’ May 2009 and ‘Sustain-ability’ June 2010. She also contributed to the first Nairobi edition of New York’s ‘Slideluck Potshow’.

She Won POYi award 2009 - 3rd place News Story, Multimedia in collaborated work and was nominee, Amnesty International, UK - New Media category.

Dolphine participated in the August 2013 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

I dreamt of sitting in that class for a long time and when the moment arrived it was better than I imagined it to be. A week at MediaStorm’s Methodology Workshop is like a pilgrimage to ‘great storytelling world’. You hang out with people who believe in the value of a great story. Also important is that Brian and his team share their hard earned skills. The team took us through their experiences with different issues, how and why they made decisions that they did. Decisions during pre-production, production and post production of stories. They held nothing back. The discussions around ethical issues that we all face when working on different stories were also very enlightening.

I learned that the secret to MediaStorm’s success isn’t only in telling gripping stories but also, stories that have impact. It’s their quest, it’s ours too and we spent the week analyzing this. They have a neat process that guarantees you a polished product. I left MediaStorm with many tools from the process to share with my trainees and my colleagues.

I am a strong believer of compelling storytelling but I left the workshop grounded in my belief. Thank you team MediaStorm, it was worth the while and miles.