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Evan Papp

11: Dec 2013

Evan Papp leads USAID’s Office of Transition Initiative outreach and public affairs efforts by capturing program narratives in countries experiencing conflict and crises. From producing, shooting and editing interviews from the field to distribution through social media, websites and publications, Evan uses a variety of tools to capture and narrate USAID’s international story to a variety of audiences.

Evan also spends extensive time documenting events around Washington, DC with an interest in expanding awareness about social justice issues.

Evan participated in the December 2013 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:

Brian Storm and his team are passionate about telling stories that give voice and meaning to the most important issues of our time. From the beginning of the training to the happy hour at the end, MediaStorm opened up its unique and successful business model that showcased the creative process of making evocative and compelling narratives. MediaStorm’s Methodology Workshop provides a blueprint to get the most out of technique, technology and your team in order to achieve your objectives. If your organization wants to strengthen its culture of storytelling while also further professionalizing your team of communicators, MediaStorm will move you closer to your goals.