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Gordon Jung

04: Jan 2012

Gordon Jung is a Content/Project Manager at Library and Archives Canada with particular interest in Web content, information architecture, Web exhibitions, and social media practices. He is a librarian, and former secondary school teacher. His goals are to innovate and advance the methods and use of multimedia for content presentation of materials found in memory institutions, such as archives, libraries and museums, as well as, sharing and mentoring colleagues to explore a broader range of methods to present information and engagement with the public that use these collections.

Gordon participated in the January 2012 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:

What can I say about MediaStorm?

"Awesome" comes to mind.

I first became aware of this up-and-coming firm about 4 years ago, and was immediately impressed with the care and quality of their story telling and production values. Then I was able to finally attend a workshop this year...

The time spent at the Methodology Workshop introduced me to many interesting views, experiences, and practicalities of molding content into something not only fluid and fair, but emotiionally compelling.

Think beyond the normal A-Z steps of running a program, or company, or process - Add the firm conviction of sharing and collaborative work, and you get a more intimate and restrospective approach to any type of content you have the opportunity to work with.

After attending a variety of conferences and courses over the years... the buzz, or high wears off rather quickly. What's the difference here? It feels like a steady fire that is fueling my conviction to bring back a "voice" to the content that I am working with.

Thanks to everyone I met at the workshop, and thanks to everyone at MediaStorm - I enjoyed my time with you. You've got freaky mad skills and talent.