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Irene Morberg Madsen

13: June 2014

Irene Morberg Madsen has been working in television as a TV photographer and editor since 2001. Her work at a local TV station includes all sorts of different formats ranging from news, video journalism to long features and documentaries.

In 2008 she wanted to learn more about journalism so she took a bachelor degree at the University of Southern Denmark (4 ½ years). Meanwhile she continued working as a photographer and editor at the local TV station nearby.

Since 2010 Madsen has been working at TV 2 DENMARK – a national news broadcast station - as a daily news reporter and video journalist. In 2012 she began working at TV 2 DENMARK as a documentarian following the training of the last Danish combat troops going to Afghanistan. For more than a year she followed them at the barracks and at home with their families. She worked mainly in the field together with different photographers but also alone as a video journalist – both in Denmark and in Afghanistan. After the documentary she went back to her previous job as a news reporter and video journalist.