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Jillian Kitchener

MMW 13: Nov 2012

Jillian Kitchener followed her passion for art through the University of Toronto and Loyalist College, specializing in photography. She has been working in the field for 10 years, shooting editorial photography, portraits, weddings - and everything in between.

Jillian joined the Reuters online newsroom in 2008 as a Visuals Editor, using the photo archive to create slideshows and multimedia content. She promotes exceptional photography, photo blogs and videos across Reuters.com, as well as shooting and editing video content. Communicating with Reuters photographers, she produces and edits documentary videos based on their images and stories.

Jillian participated in the November 2012 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

I have always respected MediaStorm for producing compelling multimedia with extremely high visual standards. Needless to say, working side-by-side with the team was a great honour.

From the first hour, I was immersed in the realm of storytelling. I learned how to find a visually-interesting story as well as interview techniques that encourage your subject to open-up. I learned MediaStorm’s editing workflow including how to build a narrative from the ground up. I learned photo editing techniques, b-roll selection, and tips and tricks to bring audio, visuals and narrative into a cohesive piece.

The MediaStorm producers were extremely focused on helping our story become the best that it could be. They stressed that the story was not ours – it belonged to the subject. Capturing Dani Luv’s personality truthfully and thoroughly was very important to my team. We worked through the editing process with coffee and candy, long hours, and friendly debates.

I came into this workshop feeling both excited and nervous, but have left with new friends, skills and the inspiration to develop that next story.

Luv Shtick by Lukas Augustin, Jillian Kitchener and JT Thomas

Dani Luv is a musician and comedian at the well-known Sammy’s Roumanian Restaurant in New York. Luv likes to sing classics from the likes of Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong.