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Joe Santa

Joe Santa

Former Staff and Interactive Design

Joe Santa is an art director and graphic designer with a broad range of experience in print, web and interactive media. Joe's passion for design and communication first emerged during undergrad at Cornell University.

An early admission into the working class rendered Joe an editorial designer for a parenting magazine, as well as a print-production artist who worked with Sony Music, Arista Records, BMG, V2-Geestreet, Maurice Villency and Scholastic.

Joe's storied history with Corbis began as an Art Director who developed the strategy, concept and design for international marketing campaigns. The swatch-book inspired 'Humans' catalog is regarded as a creative milestone in the industry that garnered praise and attention from Communication Arts, HOW, and Graphic Design: USA.

As Design Director for News, Multimedia and Assignment Services, Joe developed an XML-driven platform that paired class A Corbis contributors with advertising and assignment opportunities.

Joe traveled extensively as a Senior Art Director to create commercial photography at Corbis. A natural gravity towards business and technology allowed him to train photographers in the production of globally-relevant, commercially-viable imagery. Joe worked B2B with Aetna and Deloitte to create a pilot 'shot-to-order' program that generated nearly a milion dollars of revenue in its first year.

These days, Joe works in Production Management as a liason between Creative Photography and Media Services. By association with contributors, Joe is developing a global gateway for photographers, illustrators and motion producers to contract, upload and interact with each other online.

In 2003, Joe served as a judge of Interactive Design for the Art Directors Club of NJ. His work as a mentor through the Board of Education was recognized in a short segment on ABC News in 2004. Joe was a presenter for the Best Use of Photography at the Hatch Awards in 2005, as well as a panelist for Advertising Age’s "Hispanic 2.0" conference in 2006.