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Josh Davis

Former Staff and Producer

Josh Davis is a journalist and documentary videomaker. His work includes the award-winning interactive documentary Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt, which he produced and directed for NPR. With MediaStorm, he produced videos for the Webby Award-winning documentary series International Center of Photography: Infinity Awards. He also served as the managing editor of the Emmy-nominated interactive documentary, 100 Gallons, as a Roy H. Park Master’s Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Josh serves as adjunct faculty at New York University and coaches at the Carolina Photojournalism Workshop. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, practicing Spanish and playing around on his Twitter account.

His portfolio can be viewed at joshdavis.org.

Josh was a summer intern at MediaStorm in 2014. Here is what he had to say about that experience:

MediaStorm hires incredibly talented people, and I learned from all of them when I worked there. Specifically, I benefitted from getting experience with workflow and storytelling techniques from the producers and editors I worked alongside. MediaStorm has strong ties within the journalism community, and that network connected me directly to future jobs at prominent news organizations.

After MediaStorm, Brian Storm recommended I consider doing video at NPR. It turned out to be a very good idea. At NPR, I produced and directed the Emmy Award-winning project, Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt. After NPR, I continued to produce digital and broadcast documentary projects. This included a CNN/MediaStorm broadcast documentary, working as a video journalist on digital projects for The New York Times, and broadcast producer for National Geographic. For the last two years, I worked at VICE News Tonight on HBO, where I produced the viral documentary, Charlottesville: Race and Terror, which won a Peabody and four Emmys. This fall, I'll join the journalism faculty as an Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University.

Guardians of the Forest for Global Environment Facility

At one time forests dominated Earth’s landmass. Today, less than half of forests remain. Deforestation is a real issue affecting not only our environment, but our survival as a species.

The War Comes Home for CNN and Starfish Media Group

As the U.S. prepares for the final drawdown of soldiers from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Soledad O’Brien and MediaStorm take an intimate look at two veterans as they struggle with the transition from war to home.

480 votes for Harbers Studios, CARE and Ripple Effect Images

Lourdes Pilco is a middle-aged woman who’s spent most of her life working backbreaking jobs for little money. With the help of CARE, Lourdes was able to send her children to school while setting a new standard for women in her community.

Bit by Bit for Harbers Studios, Heifer International and Ripple Effect Images

Elizabeth grew up in Peru. All she wanted in life was to attend school. But like so many in her community, she was prohibited by her parents. Bit by Bit is the story of a woman unwilling to be marginalized.

In This House for Harbers Studios, Heifer International and Ripple Effect Images

Sofía first fled her family farm because there was never enough food, then her physically abusive husband. Sofia lived house-to-house for almost a decade. With the assistance of Heifer International, she finally built a house of her own.

2013 ICP Infinity Awards: Special Presentation - Jeff Bridges for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Jeff Bridges is an Academy Award-winning actor. He is also an accomplished photographer. He's been taking pictures on the set of his movies for more than 30 years, capturing intimate and surprising behind-the-scenes moments.

2013 ICP Infinity Awards: Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement - David Goldblatt for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

David Goldblatt spent his life documenting apartheid in South Africa. While many photographers chased mass demonstrations and violent rebellions, Goldblatt focused on the cultural values that led to more than 40 years of repression.

2013 ICP Infinity Awards: Photojournalism - David Guttenfelder for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Surreal and mysterious, North Korea was a black hole to outsiders wanting a glimpse of the country. That all changed in 2012, when AP photographer David Guttenfelder led the opening of the bureau's newest office inside the North Korea.

2013 ICP Infinity Awards: Publication - Cristina de Middel for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

The idea of an African space program may sound funny to some, but not to Cristina de Middel. Through a mix of fact and fiction, de Middel forces viewers to reinterpret a 1960s space program in Zambia in her photobook, The Afronauts.

2013 Recipient for the ICP Trustee Award: Pat Schoenfeld for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Pat Schoenfeld, 2013 ICP Trustees Award recipient and last remaining member of ICP's original staff, shares stories from ICP's earliest days and reflects on her continued involvement--though in a different capacity--nearly 40 years later.