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Leandro Badalotti

Former Staff and Intern

Leandro is a photographer and documentarian.

In 2008 his proposal for a documentary on immigration was selected by a Brazilian culture fund for production. Leandro directed and edited the resulting project, New Immigrants which documents the lives of recent arrivals to his home town, Caxias do Sul, in southern Brazil.

The following year, he shot and edited a documentary about local rock bands from the 1980's and '90s.

In the United States, Leandro served as an intern at Magnum In Motion, where he produced a series of multimedia trailers about photographer Larry Towell's work in Afghanistan.

Leandro also produced Who Are You?, a five-part multimedia project about everyday New Yorkers, each beginning with the subject's subway commute.

Prior to his internship at MediaStorm, he was a multimedia producer at the 2010 Eddie Adams Workshop.

Leandro's photography has appeared in newspapers and magazines in Brazil, Portugal and New York. He has a degree in social communication with an emphasis in advertising from the University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil.

A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan by Seamus Murphy

Based on 14 trips to Afghanistan between 1994 and 2010, A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan is the work of photojournalist Seamus Murphy. His work chronicles a people caught time and again in political turmoil, struggling to find their way.

Undesired by Walter Astrada

In India, all women must confront the cultural pressure to bear a son. The consequences of this preference is a disregard for the lives of women and girls. From birth until death they face a constant threat of violence.

Intended Consequences by Jonathan Torgovnik

In Rwanda, in 1994, Hutu militia committed a bloody genocide, murdering one million Tutsis. Many of the Tutsi women were spared, only to be held captive and repeatedly raped. Many became pregnant. Intended Consequences tells their stories.

Ivory Wars by Michael Nichols and J. Michael Fay

Zakouma National Park is one of the last places on earth where elephants still roam by the thousands. In a land where poachers will slaughter the huge animals for their tusks alone, it takes armed guards to keep them safe.

Kingsley's Crossing by Olivier Jobard

Kingsley's Crossing is the story of one man's dream to leave the poverty of life in Africa for the promised land of Europe. We walk in his shoes, as photojournalist Olivier Jobard accompanies Kingsley on his uncertain and perilous journey.

Surviving the Peace: Angola for MAG America

After 30 years of civil war, the Angolan people live with daily reminders of conflict. 10 million mines and vast amounts of unexploded ordnance litter the ground, making every step a potentially life-threatening decision.

I Know Where I’m Going for International Committee of the Red Cross

Southern Yemen is a battlefield. I Know Where I’m Going follows ICRC representative Hussein Saleh as he works to ensure that the organization can provide aid to the victims of the conflicts that grip this dangerous and volatile region.

The Gulf Spill for Oil Spill Commission

On April 20, 2010 an explosion tore through the Deepwater Horizon, an oil rig operating in the Gulf of Mexico. It was, by any standard, a catastrophe.

Global Governance Monitor for Council on Foreign Relations

The Global Governance Monitor tracks, maps, and evaluages multilateral efforts to address today's global challenges.

The American-Made Benny by Marcin Szczepanski, Markel Redondo and Bill Johnson

Benny is a “certified” garbologist. He collects what others throw away. Benny is also at war with his family. Here is a man sharing a house with his wife but living as a stranger. This is a household on the edge.

Broken Lines by Martine Fougeron, Richard Kendall, Frank de Ruiter and Simon Schorno

Joe Soll has spent half of his life searching for his birth parents, in the process he uncovered a mystery that’s haunted him for years.

A Thousand More by Kristina Budelis, Piotr Malecki and Jeff Rhode

A family is determined to give their disabled son a whole and vital life. In the midst of a great burden, one small child – with a seemingly endless supply of love – is the blessing that holds a family together.