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Lindsay Branham

Lindsay Branham


Lindsay Branham is the Co-Founder of Discover The Journey, a US-based non-profit organization that creates research-based media to foster attitudinal and behavior change in places of violent conflict. Lindsay is a filmmaker, researcher, program designer and program implementer. Lindsay’s expertise is creating collaborative media to achieve specific behavior change outcomes, including stigma reduction, aiding the return and reintegration of former child soldiers, and reducing psychological distress for war-affected populations.

Over the last four years, Lindsay has focused on areas affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa, developing localized films in partnership with civil society to address sensitive issues such as reintegration and defection. Lindsay is an experienced and published qualitative and quantitative researcher. Her robust qualitative research was published by Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and written about in the New York Times. She is a frequent columnist and speaker, most recently presenting scholarly presentations at a conference hosted by Ghent University and War Child in Kampala and at a conference honoring the CRC, hosted by the FXB Center at Harvard. Lindsay was recently honored with the United Nations and Independent Film Project Envision Fellowship for creating media committed to social change. Lindsay frequently works closely with academic institutions such as the Harvard School of Public Health and Queens University, Belfast.

Lindsay has produced dozens of award-winning short films for non-profits and original long form journalism for CNN and BBC. Lindsay produced the award-winning short film, They Came at Night, which competed in seven international film festivals, winning two of them, and the corresponding community-based defection intervention and mobile cinema program currently underway in central Africa through local partners. Lindsay recently directed and produced a short film about the war in Central African Republic. She has also trained leaders in developing nations to be field journalists, conducting storytelling workshops in three African countries. Lindsay is a USC school of journalism graduate and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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