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Lisa Berglund

13: June 2014

Lisa Berglund is an award-winning videographer, editor, producer and storyteller.

For more than 50 years, the National Press Photographers Association has given its Photographer of the Year Award to the finest in the nation. Lisa is the first and only woman videographer to receive this honor.

Lisa’s work with corporations, international news groups, and non-profit organizations has provided her with powerful professional experience including consulting, training and employee management, as well as shooting, producing and editing news, marketing and promotional videos, documentaries, PSAs and music videos.

Lisa specializes in working in some of the most remote corners of the world, as she is passionate about giving a voice to people who are rarely heard. She has worked in more than 15 African countries, including Angola, Rwanda, Niger, Congo, and Zimbabwe, and has covered stories in India, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru and Europe.

Lisa is featured in a book highlighting news photography, called Roll – Shooting TV News: Views from Behind the Lens.

She makes her home in Washington state.

Lisa participated in the June 2014 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

I feel honored to have attended the Methodology Workshop. In just one week, Brian and his team lead us to the heart of MediaStorm. From analyzing a well told story, to creating a powerful business plan, to social networking, they shared business model secrets which took years for them to grow.

I've never witnessed such transparency in a setting like this. MediaStorm is truly committed to preparing the next generation of journalists, and they hold nothing back. The experience is made even richer by the diversity of participants; unique ideas and backgrounds create lively discussion and thought-sharing.

I left the workshop feeling inspired, and more importantly, focused. MediaStorm has pumped life back into these storytelling veins.