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Meg Kinney

16: June 2015

I am an ethnographer who creates mini-documentaries about consumers and culture; I am a partner in a boutique research and strategy practice called Bad Babysitter. My skill set lies at the intersection of anthropological research, storytelling, and business consulting. I work with large brands to provide “actionable empathy” that fuels upstream strategies for business growth. I also work with foundations to optimize the true human impact of the social justice programs they fund.

My ethos is simple: empathy breeds the most transformational ideas. Human-centered business is better business.

Prior to founding Bad Babysitter, I enjoyed a career as a brand strategist at TBWA\Integer where I became an executive consultant within the Omnicom global universe of agencies. I launched a first-of-its-kind insight practice focused on understanding context and its influence on behavior. I successfully created new research methodologies that enrolled subjects as co-creators in the telling of their own story and used video as the language to translate the motivations of behavior to clients.

I am an ambidextrous thinker who is comfortable with the tension of things. I feel gratified when a subject trusts the process and really opens up to share their deep truth. I feel even more gratified when our work genuinely makes clients “feel” their customer and willing to invest in making their brand experience more human.

In 2010, I moved from Los Angeles to New Orleans to change my perspective. I am a person in transition in a city in transition. I love any kind of art performance, watching hoops, and exploring back roads here and abroad by bicycle.

Meg participated in the June 2015 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

In my career, I have invested way more in professional development and received way less. Brian and his team are incredibly generous with sharing what they've learned by doing. It's refreshing to see a company living their values so demonstrably and paying so much forward. This workshop fired on all the cylinders for me: it challenged me to do more/better, it inspired me, and the information is highly actionable. I left with tactics that I could deploy to improve my work immediately as well as concepts that will deeply inform my long-term business strategy. The pace is quick. The content well curated. The vibe of the room is focused and earnest. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and as it turns out, that is exactly what made this experience so rewarding.