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Meredith Hogan

13: June 2014

Meredith Birkett is a senior multimedia editor for special projects at NBCNews.com, a general news web site seen by tens of millions of unique users each month. She’s worked at the news organization since 2000. In this role, Meredith reviews and assigns story ideas from freelancers, picture agencies and staff multimedia journalists and produces multimedia projects across various sections on NBCNews.com.

Meredith participated in the June 2014 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

I’ve heard Brian Storm speak dozens of times over the last ten years. Despite this, hearing him talk about storytelling at the MediaStorm Methodology Workshop has the same effect -- it's a creativity adrenaline shot for doing it at the highest level and for the right reasons. The workshop reinforces another aspect of the MediaStorm process that isn't always obvious from the outside; every team member is at the top of their game, and their instruction is both practical and inspirational.