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Mette Reinhardt Jakobsen

14: Oct 2014

Mette Reinhardt Jakobsen is an editor & freelance-journalist at Periskop Denmark. She has a master's of arts degree in Media Science and is a graduate from the Danish School of Journalism. She works with corporate and organizational communication in print, audio and video.

Photo by Thomas Soendergaard, photojournalist.

Mette participated in the October 2014 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

“How was your workshop?” everybody asked at the office when I got back from a full week at MediaStorm.

“Simply amazing,” I replied, followed by a silence.

As a writer and a words-person I rarely go speechless, but after meeting Brian Storm and his more than dedicated team of visual storytellers, words suddenly seemed such a limited way of expressing ideas and thoughts, if not accompanied by strong visual coverage.

What I did bring back, though, was the importance to always work with the heart. And to give stories - and the people telling them - the necessary time and space to evolve into full-scale, human portraits. Brian Storm and his team simply have established a new benchmark for producing quality journalism. With their aim for reflection and profundity, they go against the existing media market trends prescribing pace and haste and breaking news.

Therefore every journalist, whether working with writing, photo, audio or video, could – and should – learn from the MediaStorm approach, so completely taught at the methodology workshop.