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Noah Duesterberg-Chavez

20: December 2017

Noah has worked in video production for the past 10 years. Projects range from documentary, series, commercials, visual effects, and branded content. Lately, he has expanded his focus to include consulting, media product development, and pipeline architecture. Essentially, wherever the technical and creative overlap, that's where you'll find him-- solving problems and preserving sanity.

After attending the Academy of Art San Francsico for screenwriting, Noah transitioned into post-production, and now specializes in Premiere, After Effects, Resolve, and Flame. As a founding member of the LA-based virtual studio Champion & King, he has worked with clients such as Microsoft, Nutella, and Apple-- all the while navigating the tectonic shifts of the 21st century media landscape. With an eye towards the new dimensions of the future, he has expanded his role from a creative technician into designing media products that package storytelling with the new frontier. Currently, he is collaborating on a journalism startup, California One.

Noah participated in the December 2017 MediaStorm Methodology Master Class. He had the following to say about his experience:

MediaStorm’s methodology workshop was the shot in the arm that my career and creativity needed. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding milestones of my life in media. The tools, perspective, and insight offered are transformative for storytellers of all skill levels. With an emphasis on collaboration and finding purpose in your work, the experience grounded me in my own values and prepared me to take my career in storytelling to the next dimension.

Noah Duesterberg-Chavez, Filmmaker