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Pamela Chen

Former Staff, Musician, Photographer and Producer

Pamela Chen is a senior photo editor for National Geographic Magazine. Previously, she oversaw photography and multimedia production for the Open Society Foundations as part of the team developing the foundation’s visual communications strategy in tackling some of the most complex social issues around the world.

As a documentary producer with MediaStorm, her work earned numerous industry accolades, including the national News & Documentary Emmy Award, the duPont Award, Webby Awards, and Pictures of the Year International awards in photography, multimedia and music.

As a commissioned musician, her sound design and compositions appear in broadcast and online publications including The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times, Showtime, Hulu, and Wired.

She has served as adjunct faculty for the School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography, and currently on the Board of Advisors for the Alexia Foundation. Additionally she has served as an educator for national news outlets and journalism conferences, on storytelling topics ranging from the conceptual narrative to techniques in video editing and music composition.

Pamela studied photojournalism and mathematics at Syracuse University and received a Fulbright scholarship for journalism to Taiwan.

Three Women by Eric Maierson

Three Women is a short film about women in pain, struggling to make sense of their lives. It is a series of stories reduced to their emotional essence. This is a fictional piece but one that is also true.

Intended Consequences by Jonathan Torgovnik

In Rwanda, in 1994, Hutu militia committed a bloody genocide, murdering one million Tutsis. Many of the Tutsi women were spared, only to be held captive and repeatedly raped. Many became pregnant. Intended Consequences tells their stories.

Love in the First Person by Matt Eich and Melissa Eich

At twenty, photojournalist Matt Eich has maturity dropped in his lap: his world-class career takes off, just as his girlfriend becomes pregnant. Together they document their budding lives, as they grapple with some very grown-up choices.

Finding the Way Home by Brenda Ann Kenneally

Two years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana, photojournalist Brenda Ann Kenneally returns to find those who are headed home. Amid jobs lost, communities scattered, and houses destroyed, what does it take to rebuild a life?

Ivory Wars by Michael Nichols and J. Michael Fay

Zakouma National Park is one of the last places on earth where elephants still roam by the thousands. In a land where poachers will slaughter the huge animals for their tusks alone, it takes armed guards to keep them safe.

BLOODLINE by Kristen Ashburn

BLOODLINE: AIDS and Family is Kristen Ashburn's intimate portrait of African mothers, fathers and children being crushed by AIDS. Ashburn's work connects us to these people deeply; we learn that only through such connection is hope possible.

Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for Council on Foreign Relations

Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict integrates a comprehensive array of audio, video, imagery, and text, to offers an in-depth look at the history of the conflict and its geopolitical repercussions.

Gorilla Massacre for National Geographic

Photographers Michael Nichols and Brent Stirton explain the significance of the recent gorilla massacres in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Crisis Guide: Darfur for Council on Foreign Relations

Crisis Guide: Darfur is the second in a series of interactive guides to the most complex issues and conflicts on the planet.

A Soldier's Boy for AARP

A Soldier's Boy chronicles the parents of a fallen soldier as they struggle to raise the young son she left behind without the financial benefit the government normally gives to next-of-kin.

Ivory Wars for National Geographic

Zakouma National Park in southeastern Chad is home to one of the world's largest remaining concentrations of elephants. Despite a history of slavery, colonialism, and civil war, conservationists have managed to create a wildlife refuge here.

Blighted Homeland for Los Angeles Times

Blighted Homeland is a four-part multimedia series on the legacy of uranium mining on the Navajo reservation, produced with Gail Fisher for the Los Angeles Times.