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Patty Caya

02: Jan 2011

Patty Caya works at the intersection of journalism and technology.

For over a decade she has split her time between digital media projects and journalism, diving deep into emerging technology by day and toiling as an ink-stained wretch by night.

As an award-winning interactive producer she has spent more than a decade on the front lines of web development: producing and managing a wide array of interactive projects for clients ranging from household brand names to mission-driven non-profit organizations. This work is equal parts strategic consultant, user advocate, creative advisor, client partner and project manager.

Throughout her technology career she has maintained a parallel shadow career as a journalist. She is an accomplished writer, a skilled photographer and an expert producer with a superb design sensibility.

Patty’s current focus is on multi-platform multimedia narrative projects that bring together her complimentary background and interests in media, journalism and technology.

She is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and has completed advanced coursework in User Experience at Bentley University and Web Production at Emerson College.

Patty participated in the January 2011 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

I applied to the MediaStorm Methodology Workshop because I had attended a one day workshop with Brian Storm where I was so riveted by the content I didn’t want to leave my seat: not for lunch, not for the end of the day, not for a single minute as long as he was willing to keep teaching.

The Methodology Workshop is a chance to learn what goes into the secret sauce that makes a MediaStorm multimedia project taste so damn good.

This workshop is a chance to not just peek behind the curtain and catch a glimpse at what makes the organization tick, but a chance to have the curtain torn down and observe the work under a microscope. You will learn both the operational and creative processes that support the creation of some of the best cinematic narrative projects produced today. And the material will be presented with warmth, humor and a genuine interest in turning the tables to learn what you think about how they do what they do.

Brian and his team don’t hold anything back. They teach. They share. They listen. And they invite, or rather they insist that you take their process, apply it in your own business or educational environment and improve upon it. They want you to succeed because they believe by doing so, it will make them better as an organization and it will improve the industry overall.

MediaStorm is not just a company at the forefront of multimedia production; they are a company that is investing in the future of an industry through their own work and through workshops such as this.

If my experience is any indication, you will learn more than you expect. Your opinions and perspectives will be valued at every stage of the workshop. And you will end the week wishing you could stay a lot longer.