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Randall Rodriguez

Randall Rodriguez

Former Staff, Intern and Motion Graphics

Randall is a motion graphics artist with a ravenous appetite for art, information and storytelling. This appetite bred a desire to not only consume, but create the meaningful content that became a fixture in his own life.

Randall was born and raised in Orlando, FL. Drawn to street art and graffiti from a young age, he found his true home when he took his talent to the computer. Randall has worked developing motion graphics for nationally touring musicians RPM. He has also worked in television, being part of a creative team which successfully pitched multiple shows to major networks.

Randall earned his Bachelor's in Digital Art and Design from Full Sail University.

Guardians of the Forest for Global Environment Facility

At one time forests dominated Earth’s landmass. Today, less than half of forests remain. Deforestation is a real issue affecting not only our environment, but our survival as a species.

ICP Infinity Awards: Intro Graphics for International Center of Photography

The ICP Infinity Awards intro graphics are brief glimpses created to celebrate the creative process in a way that pays homage to each award winner’s work.

60 Years for USAID

Jacintoport, Texas holds a symbol of hope that has brought life to over three billion people in 150 countries over the past 60 years.