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Roxana Moussavian

16: June 2015

After working at the White House for the past four years, Roxana is about to set off on a photojournalism project chronicling how we learn and work in the modern American economy.

At the White House, Roxana helped develop a number of Presidential priorities related to education, job training and travel and tourism policies. Most recently, she led the launch of the President's Upskill America initiative, focused on equipping front-line American workers with the skills and opportunities they need to advance into better paying jobs.

Prior to that, Roxana co-founded The School Fund, an international education non-profit that partners with schools and community-based organizations in over 20 countries to enable successful primary-school graduates to share their stories, and crowd-fund for the tuition and other fees they require to continue their education through secondary school.

Roxana participated in the June 2015 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

If you are a photographer interested in having a bigger impact with your storytelling, you should definitely do the workshop. If you are a filmmaker interested in learning more about the art of documentary filmmaking, you should definitely do the workshop. If you are at all interested in how to tell effective stories through photos and film, you should definitely do the workshop. If you are at all interested in how the online journalism industry has evolved in the past two decades, and learning about what the future could hold from one of the industry's biggest mavericks, you should do the workshop. If you've ever watched any video that MediaStorm has ever put out and have been at all curious about how they did it, you should definitely do the workshop.

In this workshop, Brian Storm lets you in to his world 100%. Brian opens up about everything, from best practices he has picked up through his own successes and mistakes, to the secret sauce behind how he runs MediaStorm as a successful business. What feels pretty unique to Brian and this workshop in particular, is Brian's belief that all boats will rise if there's more people putting out high quality work in the documentary film / storytelling world. Through the workshop, he's trying to prepare folks with the tools needed to follow his example. You just have to decide for yourself if it is an example you want to follow.