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Scott Lituchy

MMW 05: Sept 2009

Scott Lituchy is at heart a photojournalist. Twenty years ago (back when people souped tri-X by hand) he began his career in newspaper photography at The Jersey Journal. A move to The Star-Ledger in 1994 brought new opportunities: color photography, digital photography, and finally videojournalism.

Life was good. He was telling stories, making an impact, being creative and having fun.

Then the newspaper industry started teetering, and the economy tanked.

Seeing the opportunity to try start a new adventure, he left the newspaper world and took a job as a Multimedia Producer at West Virginia University, where he shoots video and photos, and puts together video and multimedia pieces that appear on YouTube and on the University's websites.

Taking what he learned as a photojournalist and as a videojournalist, he approaches his new job with the sensibility of a storyteller who wants to explore, be creative and deliver meaningful narrative.

Scott participated in the September 2009 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:

The MediaStorm workshop is great in many ways. First, Brian, Bob and Eric teach the nuts and bolts of multimedia: story structure, interviewing, audio, lighting, shooting, and editing.

Working side-by-side with these dedicated storytellers brings the lessons to life. Without a doubt, their skills and passion for multimedia is an inspiration. You walk away with the feeling that you now have the tools and motivation to go out and tell important stories that people will want to see.

The workshop changed me as a storyteller. I'm looking forward to getting out there and seeing what I can do.

Behind the Scenes: Workshop 5 by Maisie Crow

MediaStorm intern Maisie Crow goes behind the scenes of the September, 2009, Multimedia Workshop, where participants challenge themselves with new technology, share new perspectives, and discover the beauty of collaboration.

The Art of Attraction by Paolo Black, Scott Lituchy and Melissa Pracht

The Tic and Tac All-Stars don't need a publicist - they have what it takes to attract a crowd. When the twin brothers appear in Washington Square Park, their energy, humor, and amazing acrobatics have the audience eating out of their hands.