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Thomas McDade

MMW 14: July 2014

I always been a visual and hands on person with an independent streak. Corporate life was not for me and as a result I bounced from job to job or would be career to would be career. The only constant has been the desire to make things, create something that would allow me to say “i made that”. Many efforts have been underwhelming from my perspective but, those subpar efforts drove me to get better. Despite my lifelong interest in making things and a fascination with media, photography, design and storytelling I, for some reason, expected I’d have an import/export business or buy and sell real-estate. Even after finding some success in NYC as an editor at a cool television network I still didn’t know what I wanted to do.

It was only when I moved to Buffalo was I faced with a decision: 1. be unemployed 2. be underemployed or 3. start my own business. I felt that I had a pretty good (albeit completely self taught) video skill set at that time so the choice was obvious and I started a production company. It was at that point that discovered Vimeo and MediaStorm. I was inspired and I realized video production wasn't just pointing the camera in the right direction and editing a rocking cut …it was storytelling. It changed the way I look at all projects I worked on and all the clients I worked with and as a result my business has grown and evolved into Honey + Punch.

Coney Island Jay by Thomas McDade, Claire Molloy, Annette Porter, Ingrid Styrkestad, Suzanne Arden and Annemor Larsen

Jay Singer has been in love with one Brooklyn neighborhood his entire life. He grew up there, pined for it when he was forced to leave and returned when he couldn’t stand to be away. “Coney Island Jay” really loves Coney Island.