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Tim Hussin

Former Staff, Intern and Producer

Tim Hussin is a graduate of the University of Florida where he studied journalism and environmental science. While in school he interned at the Monroe Evening News, Deseret News and the Rocky Mountain News. After graduating, he interned with MediaStorm and National Geographic Magazine.

Tim was named College Photographer of the Year by the Missouri School of Journalism in 2009 and placed first in the 2009 Hearst Photojournalism Shootout in San Francisco, California. He is currently on a cross-country bicycle trip documenting modern folk movements around the United States.

Tim was a summer intern at MediaStorm in 2009. Here is what he had to say about that experience:

My intern experience at MediaStorm taught me how to craft nuanced and compelling stories that help audiences feel empathy toward the lives of others. This experience was a catalyst for me to become a documentary filmmaker.

After MediaStorm, I set off on a two-year bicycle trip through the American South making a documentary about people living in unusual and creative ways. Today, I'm a filmmaker and photographer in San Francisco, and I mostly work on character-driven stories that speak to national and global issues.

African Air by George Steinmetz

Flying in a motorized paraglider over one of the most diverse continents in the world, George Steinmetz captures in his photographs the stunning beauty, potential and hope of Africa's landscapes and people.

Airsick by Lucas Oleniuk

Created with 20,000 photographs and a haunting soundtrack, Airsick plays out like an unsettling dream. Photographer Lucas Oleniuk examines our addiction to fossil fuel - and its consequences.

Driftless: Stories from Iowa by Danny Wilcox Frazier

Once at the center of the U.S. economy, the family farm now drifts at its edges. In Iowa, old-time farmers try to hang on to their way of life, while their young push out to find their futures elsewhere. Driftless tells their stories.

Visions of Excellence for Pictures of the Year International

Visions of Excellence is a presentation of work from the 66th annual Pictures of the Year International Competition.

Global Governance Monitor for Council on Foreign Relations

The Global Governance Monitor tracks, maps, and evaluages multilateral efforts to address today's global challenges.

At last, at last, a dream fulfilled for Rocky Mountain News

Forty-five years after Martin Luther King called on America to live out the true meaning of its creed - that all men are created equal - a senator from Illinois becomes the first African-American nominee of a major political party.

Behind the Scenes: Workshop 4 by Tim Hussin

For one week in June of 2009, eight professional storytellers dove into what it means to tell a great story, how the internet has opened up new worlds to them, and why it matters so much for skilled people to share their expertise.