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Tim McLaughlin

Former Staff and Producer

Tim McLaughlin is an editor and producer of documentaries at the award-winning production studio MediaStorm. He has worked on over 25 films since 2010, including MediaStorm’s first feature film, The Long Night, as well as their first prime-time television broadcast, The War Comes Home: Soledad O’Brien Reports for CNN. His work has received recognition from the National Press Photographers Association (Best Documentary Multimedia Story) as well as the Webby Awards (Honorable Mention).

Tim’s clients at MediaStorm include CNN, Starfish Media Group, United Nations Foundation, Save the Children, Starbucks, MAG America, International Center of Photography, Ripple Effect Images and the Alexia Foundation.

Prior to his move to MediaStorm, Tim was the Director of Multimedia at the Maine Media Workshops and Maine Media College in Rockport, ME. He worked as an educator in that role, developing and teaching a curriculum for the school’s first ever documentary focused multimedia program. Tim has also worked as an educator with the Eddie Adams workshop and helped develop and produce MediaStorm’s online training program, as well as their first educational e-book.

Originally from Louisville KY., Tim earned his masters of fine arts at the University of Florida’s School of Art and Art History, as well as a bachelors in history from Centre College. He lives in Brooklyn with his amazing wife Britt, and their ever-sleepy dog Robin Hood.

Tim worked for MediaStorm for 9 years and had this to say about this experience:

It’s hard to sum up with any adequacy the importance of this company, and its people, to my life and to the life of my family. This job was my original reach goal, something I aspired to while trying to navigate my way through a maze of college choices and majors. It was my “wouldn’t that be amazing” sort of dream job.

So when Brian asked me in 2010 to temporarily take on the role of editor and producer, I gladly uprooted my life and jumped at the opportunity. As thrilled as I was to be working at MediaStorm, I have to admit that I was entirely intimidated by the professionalism and standards of the staff, and for many years, even after I was hired as a full-time editor, I felt very much like a fraud. But Brian, Elodie, Eric, Bob, Rick, Jennifer, Jessica, Andrew, Cortney, Tim, Shameel, Samia and literally everyone that passed through MediaStorm’s office doors never treated me as such. They gave me the time, feedback and support to discover who I could be as a creative professional and for that, I will always be thankful.

I’m also thankful to Brian for creating an environment where hard work was expected during work hours, but where time outside of the office was respected. I can’t overstate the importance of that as the father of two young children.

To everyone who has been a part of the MediaStorm story over the last nine years, whether you were a colleague, a client or a collaborator, thank you for your support, creativity, and kindness. You and the history of this company will continue to be an important and treasured part of my life. And to the current and future MediaStorm crew, I wish you the continued excellence that has always been a hallmark of this company.

Fight Hate With Love by MediaStorm

As a formerly incarcerated person, Michael struggled for work, and found purpose in being a husband, father, and activist. But 7 years since his release from prison, the cost of Michael’s activism is evident.

The Distance Between Us by MediaStorm

Nick has Cerebral Palsy. At 35, he still lives with his parents. His twin brother Chris feels a chronic guilt for being capable in ways that Nick isn’t. As Nick take his first steps towards independence, is the family ready for the change?

The Long Night by Tim Matsui

The Long Night, a feature film by Tim Matsui and MediaStorm, gives voice and meaning to the crisis of minors who are forced and coerced into the American sex trade.

Hungry Horse by Pieter ten Hoopen

Hungry Horse captures the spirit of renewal, peace and serenity through stunning landscapes and intimate oral histories.

A Shadow Remains by Phillip Toledano

Phillip Toledano’s life is marked by the passing of family. Each death diverting the river slightly. “You see yourself clearly when your parents die. You’re silhouetted on the hilltop, whatever that means.”

Rite of Passage by Maggie Steber

When Madje’s dementia proved relentless, her daughter Maggie moved her life to care for her. Maggie documented the liberation from the roles she and her mother had learned to play – a discovery that gave her the mother she always wanted.

African Air by George Steinmetz

Flying in a motorized paraglider over one of the most diverse continents in the world, George Steinmetz captures in his photographs the stunning beauty, potential and hope of Africa's landscapes and people.

US-Russia Relations: The Quest for Stability for Carnegie Corporation of New York

Tapping a distinguished roster of policymakers, experts, and scholars, U.S.-Russia Relations: Quest for Stability presents the historic complexities and ongoing tensions amid one of the world's most important bilateral relationships.

Return to the Body for Verse

Rebecca Torosian has a hard time explaining what she does. "I'll just tell this person like I'm a mind-body coach and if they want to know more they can ask me," said Rebecca. What she is, is a sexual surrogate.

The Long Night for Alexia Foundation

The Long Night, a feature film by Tim Matsui and MediaStorm, gives voice and meaning to the crisis of minors who are forced and coerced into the American sex trade.

The War Comes Home for CNN and Starfish Media Group

As the U.S. prepares for the final drawdown of soldiers from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Soledad O’Brien and MediaStorm take an intimate look at two veterans as they struggle with the transition from war to home.

Homecoming for Starbucks

As Major Amy Quesenberry transitioned out of active duty military, she asked herself what she wanted to do as a civilian. With all the experiences she had built up over 14 years of military service, she still found the transition difficult.

Ripple Effect Images: Lynn Johnson for Harbers Studios and Ripple Effect Images

Inspired by the photographs of the Farm Security Administration growing up, Lynn Johnson has spent nearly 35 years as a photojournalist working for LIFE, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and various foundations.

Bit by Bit for Harbers Studios, Heifer International and Ripple Effect Images

Elizabeth grew up in Peru. All she wanted in life was to attend school. But like so many in her community, she was prohibited by her parents. Bit by Bit is the story of a woman unwilling to be marginalized.

2013 ICP Infinity Awards: Young Photographer - Kitra Cahana for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Blurring the line between subjects and friends, Kitra Cahana captures a rare level of intimacy with her subjects. As a documentary photographer, her images explore anthropological, social and spiritual themes through a human perspective.

2013 ICP Infinity Awards: Applied/Fashion/Advertising Photography - Erik Madigan Heck for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

As a photographer, Erik Madigan Heck does not differentiate between art and fashion in his work. Adhering to no rules, embracing his fears and seeing endless possibilities, Heck creates images people remember.

2013 ICP Infinity Awards: Art - Mishka Henner for Harbers Studios and International Center of Photography

Looking, and trusting in that act alone, Mishka Henner explores photography as an appropriation artist. Through new and alternative technology, Henner inspects art from the past while innovating in the present.

Surviving the Peace: Angola for MAG America

After 30 years of civil war, the Angolan people live with daily reminders of conflict. 10 million mines and vast amounts of unexploded ordnance litter the ground, making every step a potentially life-threatening decision.

Resetting the Table for Starbucks

Resetting the Table takes a unique, personal look at the impact Starbucks’ Create Jobs for USA program has had on the American Mug & Stein pottery facility in East Liverpool, Ohio.

She Looks Back for American Institutes for Research

She Looks Back, funded by the American Institutes for Research, explores the state of girls education in Liberia. The film tracks two girls as they face challenges, which stem from years of civil war, as well as gender-based discrimination.

The Starbucks Origin Experience for Starbucks

Through the Origin Experience, Starbucks has taken groups of their partners to Costa Rica, Sumatra, Indonesia and Tanzania, Africa to experience first-hand the incredible hard work and passion that goes into each pound of coffee they sell.

Every One for Save the Children

24,000 children under the age of five will die today, many from preventable diseases. In 2009, Save the Children launched the EVERY ONE campaign to work directly with individuals, communities and governments to stem this tide of child mortality.

A Lasting Impact for United Nations Foundation

Ethiopia has one of the highest child marriage rates in the world. In response, the United Nations Foundation has established educational programs that put girls and women through school, and challenge traditional thinking on child marriage.

At last, at last, a dream fulfilled for Rocky Mountain News

Forty-five years after Martin Luther King called on America to live out the true meaning of its creed - that all men are created equal - a senator from Illinois becomes the first African-American nominee of a major political party.

Coney Island Jay by Thomas McDade, Claire Molloy, Annette Porter, Ingrid Styrkestad, Suzanne Arden and Annemor Larsen

Jay Singer has been in love with one Brooklyn neighborhood his entire life. He grew up there, pined for it when he was forced to leave and returned when he couldn’t stand to be away. “Coney Island Jay” really loves Coney Island.

Luv Shtick by Lukas Augustin, Jillian Kitchener and JT Thomas

Dani Luv is a musician and comedian at the well-known Sammy’s Roumanian Restaurant in New York. Luv likes to sing classics from the likes of Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong.

A Hundred Different Ways by Chris Capozziello, Lauren Hermele and Peter Lundberg

In 1987, Catherine Russell first stepped on stage in the play, Perfect Crime. Twenty-five years and only four missed performances later, she’s in The Guinness Book of World Records for the most performances by an actor in a single part.

Voice by Christian Als, Edith Champagne and Janine Boreland

Ian Willey had his first experience rhyming in second grade. Now at 28, Willey is pursuing his dream of becoming a hip hop artist. The motivation behind his rap comes from an unexpected place — 90 fifth grade students at a school in Harlem.

Nine Digits by Gabriela Bulisova, Meredith Davenport and Dominik Baumann

Nine Digits tells the story of Cesar, a young man fighting for U.S. citizenship.

The Amazing Amy by Espen Rasmussen, Terje Bringedal, Torsten Kjellstrand and Finn Ryan

Using humor and a love of fantasy, "The Amazing Amy" Harlib connects with audiences through performing strenuous yoga-based contortion acts in New York City.

Running With Scissors by Ricky John Molloy, Thomas Tolstrup and Nancy J. Haws

Brian Machon has been practicing his craft for over 20 years and has close relationships with his clients. When he narrowly escaped a heart attack, questions surrounding his life, and his real family were raised.

Behind the Scenes: Workshop 1 by Tim McLaughlin

In the heart of New York, the MediaStorm workshops are committed to training professional storytellers in the tools they will need to thrive in today's journalism. Get inspired as eight pros dive in, learn, create, and inspire each other.

Roots in the Garden by Carolyn Cole and Pia Sawhney

A beloved Italian-American enclave suffers the impersonal tide of gentrification, as committed old-timers struggle to hang-on. In Roots in the Garden, we get a personal glimpse of what it means to watch your neighborhood fade away.

One Man Brand by Lucy Nicholson and Jassim Ahmad

Robert Burck couldn't get anyone to listen to his music, until he made a simple discovery. In One Man Brand, we meet a man who has transformed himself from a penniless outsider into one of the Big Apple's most visible attractions.