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Wolfgang Hastert

16: June 2015

Wolfgang Hastert is an award-winning documentary/ experimental filmmaker and media artist. He has been working with the European arts channel Z D F / a r t e as an independent author, director, producer, and cinematographer. His films on American artists, photographers, and pop & cyber culture have been presented world-wide.

Wolfgang made films about "anonymous" director James Bidgood and his cult film Pink Narcissus. He traveled through the Appalachian mountains for the documentary Another Stranger With A Film Camera. Hastert's seminal internet-music-docu-drama Click Me:) and his short experimental films Cybervixen, Russian Brides, and Tom Is Your Friend all deal with the online dating world as they depict a generation of "love searchers" in cyberspace.

Wolfgang is an adjunct professor at UC San Diego where he teaches courses related to photography, TV studio production, and film/ trans-media narratives. He has also taught photography at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Wolfgang holds an MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke University.

Wolfgang participated in the June 2015 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. He had the following to say about her experience:

The MediaStorm Methodology Workshop was very inspiring for me. Brian and his team of creators gave very professional presentations highlighting their respective areas of expertise. The work examples of current productions were strong evidence of well-shot and well-told stories. One can watch videos and dissect their elements at home, analyzing how they were made, but one cannot understand the story-telling-art and the magic of the making completely without experiencing Brian and his team in a real teaching session.

In this workshop we got a great demonstration of professionalism, authentic journalism, and chemistry of teamwork, all paired with specific knowledge about interactive storytelling on diverse media platforms. In addition, the online tutorials on the MediaStorm website for image and sound recording and editing are very helpful too. I had a great time learning, meeting a group of curious, world-traveled, and smart media makers. I will adapt many elements of the methodology instruction into future courses. Drinking cold beer in the cool Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn rounded up every day of methodology learning!