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Andrew Currie is passionate about helping endangered wildlife. He does this via a portfolio of activities including policy advocacy and supporting pro-Nature candidates in the public sector, mission related investments in the private sector and by supporting small international wildlife NGOs with small grants. He has started using media with a TEDxBoulder talk on endangered species and human overpopulation and overseeing the creation of a motion graphics piece ShiftGivingToNature.org.

Andrew is Founder and former Director of the Rocky Mountains chapter of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) where he did state and federal advocacy for good environmental policy that leads to economic prosperity. He is an investor in several venture capital funds including aquaculture and natural foods products and in several real estate funds including Beartooth Capital focused on innovative approaches to preserving large ranches in the American West. He is former Chair of Colorado Conservation Voters and continues to serve on their board. In 2000 he co-founded and served as Chair for Social Venture Partners Boulder County. Andrew has invested in eleven start-up companies, most of whom he shouldn’t have, most of them in Colorado, and one of which, AtLast Software (SketchUp), was purchased by Google.

In the mid 1990’s Andrew founded Email Publishing Inc., his second software startup, and as CEO of an amazing team led the company to become the leading provider of large-scale personalized message delivery and email subscription management in the publishing and software industry with clients including CMP Media, USA Today, Forbes, Netscape, and Intuit. He sold this company in 1999. That year Andrew, along with his two co-founders Brian Makare and Brad Feld, was named Boulder, Colorado Esprit Entrepreneur of the Year. Andrew has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and is an alumnus of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization. When not traveling the world to experience Nature and learn more about wildlife conservation, Andrew’s home base is Boulder, Colorado where he enjoys hiking, mountain and road biking and playing guitar.

Andrew participated in the August 2013 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:


MediaStorm's workshop exceeded my every expectation. I learned everything I needed to know to take my storytelling in advocacy media to the next level. The team is stellar, their films incredibly moving and they opened the kimono and shared everything they do and how they do it. My cohort was an international set of peers doing important storytelling work in the business and NGO sectors. Sign up for this workshop now before Brian realizes he's giving away the secret sauce!

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