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Morten Runge, (1978) radio journalist at Danish Broadcasting Corporation, formerly Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, Ritzau, Nyhedsavisen and French dailies Métro, Paris and La République du Centre, Orléans.

Morten participated in the November 2013 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:


When I sat down Monday morning at the methodology workshop at MediaStorm, I felt that Brian and his team were operating against all odds: We had just arrived in sunny New York. November had deprived the city of its regular hordes of tourists and the swift glimpses of the charming streets of Dumbo, Brooklyn begged us for further investigation. Besides, the room devoted to the seance had no windows, almost no air and way too many people. How could this become a successful week?

As I am writing this, I still don't know exactly when I lost track of time and place and just plunged into MediaStorm's well orchestrated week, but I reckon it must have been within the first few minutes.

Brian Storm, Eric Maierson, Tim McLaughlin and the rest of the astonishingly devoted team just never looked back and kept me focused for five straight days. I had heard some of the stories before, but that just made them even more enchanting. And when Brian's teaching came to an end, his staff took over, one more sophisticated and sympathetic than the other.

I learned a lot, most of it plug-and-play ready to take back and put into my own multimedia projects. That is, of course, after I have convinced my boss that it's worth the money. Or maybe I'll stick to Brian's advice in this regard - don't ask for time, just do it. Give them the first projects for free and they will come back for more.

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