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Jon Rytter works as an independent film producer making documentary and educational films for NGO´s, Governmental originations and international Corporations. With a background in both radio and television as sound designer, video editor and photographer combined with a degree in journalism Jon Rytter manages most stages in and types of storytelling in form of audio and video through a never ending curious process of acquiring new skills and qualifying the existing.

He started out in broadcast TV directing and producing documentaries and educational films for the two major Danish networks DR and TV2.

Since 2007, Jon has been running his own production company, Jon Rytter Film & TV, and delivering content mostly to the web and as part of interactive multimedia productions. Most recently, during the last 2 years, he has been producing a series of films about and in close collaboration with 10 people with mental disorders. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences professionally as well as personally.

Jon Rytter has a vivid interest in other countries and cultures. Lived and studied 4 years in East Africa and has filmed and produced documentary films in many remote locations in Africa, The Middle East and Asia.

Training and educating journalist and other audio/video storytellers also takes up a big part of Jon Rytter´s time when working as a teacher and media consultant in Denmark and on assignments at radio/TV stations in Tanzania, Zambia, Yemen, South Sudan, Egypt, Jordan and Qatar.

Jon participated in the November 2013 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:


In a way, the MediaStorm Methodology Workshop, for me, was a fantastic three button CTRL-ALT-DELETE reboot. In all the noise and urge for speed and more output it’s easy to forget what it´s all about and why I worked all my life in audio and video storytelling. It’s all about concentrating on doing universal and durable stories and the MediaStorm workshop showed me that it’s important (again) to focus on the core storytelling. The enthusiastic and inspiring staff got me back on track. Back to my radio and TV roots. Thank you to all at MediaStorm and to Brian Storm in particular for a revitalizing kick in the butt.

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