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Laurie Rhodes is an award-winning New York City based photographer specializing in wedding photojournalism, lifestyle family portraiture/multimedia, and street photography. Her images reflect the essence of the characters and their story. Regarding her switch from television executive to acclaimed photographer, Laurie was described in a Professional Photographer Magazine feature as "having earned a reputation as one of New York's finest photographers”. Her photography has been exhibited throughout the New York metropolitan area. Laurie has received multiple awards from Photo District News "Top Knots" wedding contest, a competition showcasing the newest and most creative techniques of wedding photography. She is included in New York Magazine's list of recommended wedding and family portrait photographers. She has won multiple Black and White International Spider Awards, most recently in 2017. Her photographs have been published in New York Magazine, People Magazine, Photo District News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Modern Bride, Professional Photographer, Gourmet, Adoptive Families, and Glamour. In the past year, Laurie has begun work on two multi-media projects: Sustainable Agriculture and Farm Food with Mary Cleaver, renown restaurateur, caterer and activist; and a profile of the Jackson Hole’s roller derby team, the Juggernauts. In 2009, her series, "Portraits of a Farm", was featured at the Green Table Restaurant in Chelsea Market, a leader in the good food movement. Her black and white photo project of a diverse group of children learning about peace through play received praise as an important social documentary project. Prior to her work as a photographer, Laurie built a career in the entertainment industry spanning from Broadway theater management with McCann & Nugent, Manager of Production Finance at CBS, and Vice-President of Production and Programming at Paramount Pictures. Laurie has studied at the International Center of Photography in New York City.

Laurie participated in the December 2018 MediaStorm Methodology Master Class. She had the following to say about her experience:


This master class was extremely useful for me in my development as a multi media producer/artist. The scope of the class was very expansive, from start of project to finish, storytelling, editing, music, client relations, distribution, business practices, sales, website issues, collaboration and community. It was a tremendous amount of information. Having two people from your staff present was extremely helpful. Samia is brilliant. Tim is brilliant. They both showed so much and gave us so much of themselves. It is also unheard for someone to give so much of yourself, as you do. That is huge and it’s the comment that I heard most frequently during lunch.

The mix of backgrounds of attendees, was also very interesting, thought provoking and inspiring.

Lastly, I think of the Methodology master class and my learning activities and practice this year as a self-administered Masters program. It’s a struggle to prioritize learning when one has to also make a living but I have your quote that pops up on my computer every day, “You decide how you spend your time”.

- Laurie Rhodes / Photographer
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