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"I'm a journalist by education and for 10 years I worked for a regional TV station here in Denmark. (That's where I first met Kasper 10-12 years ago.) I did both news reporting and features/documentaries. But at the end, I mostly worked as a one-man band/VJ. The TV station had an educational department where I was an instructor/educator and did workshops (internally and externally) on visual storytelling, editing, presentation training of CEOs etc. At the end, I started my own production company on the side, which developed into my fulltime job. Three years ago I joined FRIDAY, in which I'm now partner. Today, I'm doing full-scale productions for our clients - from idea to finalizing and uploading (our clients mostly do their own boosting on FB etc.) We have a very diverse bunch of clients from entrepreneurs wanting a Kickstarter video to multinational companies such as Pandora, Vestas and Maersk.

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