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Mareile Paley is a German Art Director based out of Hong Kong and owner of a small multimedia company - Paleymotion.

Over the last decade she has spent much of her time in Pakistan working for various development organizations, such as the Aga Khan Foundation, IUCN, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance together with her husband, photographer Matthieu Paley.

Work and travel in the region resulted in a variety of photo exhibitions and live multimedia presentations in Europe, Asia and Canada. Besides her graphic work, Mareile also writes and her work has appeared in numerous travel magazines throughout the world, often to complete Matthieu's photo essays.

Mareile participated in the December 2008 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:


As a freelancer the jump into multimedia felt a bit like climbing a mountain in the dark. As a team, Matthieu and I had a good idea of what we wanted to achieve and also knew that our professional experience would make it an endeavor with good chances to succeed. What we lacked, was method and guidance.

The MediaStorm workshop could not have come at a better point in my career, filling in many of the blanks and answering a ton of questions. It also confirmed me in my path, proved that my thinking was instinctively right and motivated me to continue to believe that this new type of story telling is the way forward.

Seeing the team at MediaStorm at work and having had the privilege to work directly with different producers, showed me that despite setting strong standards for organization and following systematic production guidelines, creativity does not need to be compromised. It felt good to see that even the 'best' discuss and disagree and that listening to each other and working as a team often results in a stronger solution. I will be able to apply these experiences to my own team at home.

Not for a second, (not even at 5am on Thursday morning...), did I regret the decision to invest in this workshop. It was worth every moment and every penny.