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Pia Sawhney is an award-winning independent producer and director, and has collaborated on films for PBS/Frontline, PBS/American Experience, HBO and MTV Networks.

Her multimedia and audio projects have been published to the Los Angeles Times, aired on Radio Free Europe and Voice of America. Pia has also created short films for the web and recently completed a series of essays for the Huffington Post on the 2008 election and other topics.

Sawhney holds a graduate degree in broadcast journalism from NYU and lives in New York. She speaks four languages including Urdu, French and Punjabi.

Pia participated in the May 2008 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:


The workshop was a real treat. I met journalists committed to producing important work. For those searching for an industry standard in multimedia storytelling -- this workshop could well become a must.

I'm also grateful for the time and patience of my teachers and mentors, and hope the projects created here help forge worthy collaborations with the MediaStorm family in the future.