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Learn More about the MediaStorm Platform

The old model of distribution doesn’t work in today’s evolving media landscape.
The good news is, there is an alternative.

The MediaStorm Platform is the toolset for professional content creators who want to control how their work is viewed, distributed, and monetized.

The first industry-standard solution built from the ground up by an award-winning production company, the MediaStorm Platform empowers serious independent media publishers.

Since its inception in 2005, MediaStorm has led a paradigm shift in digital storytelling, creating compelling narratives that get noticed. We know how to run a storytelling business.

Join the growing community of conscientious creators ready to disrupt the distribution model by putting power back in the hands of mediamakers.

Create, package and publish in-depth interactive stories

The MediaStorm Platform includes a broad range of easy to use and highly crafted interactive templates that are easily combined to create immersive interactive destinations.

Cinematic Covers  —  Interactive covers combine animation, high impact visual design to create compelling entry points to features, introduce topics and draw users into the site.

Interactive Timeline  —   An elegant, updatable timeline provides users tools for navigating stories that occur over time. This fully responsive template supports integration with many different types of media, including video, graphics, and audio.

Interactive Map  —  Utilizing the latest javascript framework the interactive map displays multiple layers of information that demonstrates the global ramifications of a deteriorating relationship and its threat to global stability. The zoomable map allows users to explore large amounts of data via a clickable map. The interactive map support more rich media than can be found in most interactive maps, making it the definitive tool for displaying large amounts of geopolitical data.

Interactive Charts  —  Create fully responsive and engaging HTML5 based JavaScript bar, line and pie charts. Charts can packaged with other content types such as audio and video to add depth and context to complex subject matter.

Create Cinematic Experiences

We’ve built features that give you interactive entry points into your story,
guiding viewers through your content.

Generate Revenue

Our Pay Per Story and Subscription features allow users to securely pay for streamed video without ever leaving the Player, no matter where it's shared on the Web. You can feature merchandise from third-party retailers like Amazon and iTunes in a portable storefront within the Player, so every new share is a new point of sale.

Drive Distribution

The MediaStorm Platform empowers your audience to distribute your work. Using trackable embeds, you can see where your content is embedded and even disable an embed if necessary. Each embed keeps its full set of features, functionality, and content.

Know Your Audience

Detailed metadata makes your content easy to find online. The Player lets you attach a wealth of metadata to your videos, including project descriptions, related links, and a customizable menu to inform and engage your audience. Analytics makes it easy to track who is watching your content including completion rates and granular usage details.

Go Global

We’ve developed an easy solution to the tedious process of subtitling. Subtitles are stored independent of your video file, allowing you to update, enable, and disable them in real time and add multiple languages.

Control Your Assets

Other distribution platforms offer to host your work on their servers by marking up the cost or in exchange for a profit-share. The MediaStorm Platform gives you full command of your media to become truly independent.

Promote Your Brand

Brand the Player with easy-to-customize settings. Add your logo, choose your colors, add an optional video bumper anywhere in the playlist.

Include Ads & Sponsorship

Third-party advertising integration lets you play targeted ads according to metadata. If you have a sponsor, it's easy to promote them in your player.


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