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The last half-century has seen the disappearance of the American family farm, and the grave cultural and environmental impact of the resulting suburban sprawl.

In 14 years of looking and listening, Scott Strazzante sets judgment aside as he explores the evolution of one plot of Illinois farmland, and the people who live their lives there. He is there as Jean and Harlow Cagwin watch their home demolished; he is also there as Ed and Amanda Grabenhofer nurture their children just yards from the Cagwin's former cornfield.

What results is Common Ground, in which we are given a chance to mourn what is lost, but are also challenged to question the meaning of home.

Published: July 29, 2008


Photography and Interviews: Scott Strazzante
Video: Wes Pope
Original Music: Andy Webster
Producer: Chad A. Stevens
Executive Producer: Brian Storm

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